Saturday, December 31, 2005

Intel: Leap Ahead


Finally, after all the Intel Inside, Idiot Outside jokes, Intel has decided that the best way to counter AMD's better technology (at least on the desktop and server processors) and celebrate their new partnership with Apple is by changing some marketing and branding strategies. Yes, new logo and new slogan. Intel: Leap Ahead (but lag behind AMD). Found out from Engadget. Original article at Reuter.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Who is the Stig

Suddenly got curious about who is the Stig. I asked google and I got an aswer:) Click the following links only if you're really curious like me:
1. Old Stig
2. New Stig

And it looks like I'm not the only curious one around:))

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dear Aslan

Hi! Edmund here. How are things in Narnia? Are the Talking Animals giving you non-stop problems again, Aslan? Well, don worry too much about it cause you are the greatest King ever. Nothing is ever too big a problem for you:)

Things are improving here in England. The war's over and Finchley is getting back to normal again. We got this guy, Winston Churchil, rallying the whole of England to pick ourselves up again. He's like High King Peter really. I'm really proud of that brother of mine.

Anyway, i know only girls do these kind of things but I wanna thank you for literally sticking out your neck for me. You didnt need to do it for me but you did. That's why you're a chum and a smashing lion!

The war has left quite a big damage to England and many other countries. So many people died and families torn apart. Sometimes, I wish that you would come here and make things right. Just like in Narnia, you will remove all evil and set things right here. I told this to Lucy and she said "You can't force Aslan. He's never a tame lion, you know". That's why you're so magnificent, Aslan. You didnt need to sacrifice for me and you did.

Well, guess what Aslan, I found you out! You are here in our world as well as in Narnia. You have chosen to use another name but I know you. You are called Jesus in this world. You came as a human to make an impact on all of us staying in this world. Your blood and your death 2000 years ago here redeemed all our lives just like your death by the White Witch redeemed mine in Narnia. The Deep Magic is indeed present here as well as in Narnia.

So, Aslan/Jesus, your birthday on earth is coming up soon. Here's an early Happy Birthday! May your whiskers and fur be as shiny as ever:)

Yours forever,

Edmund the Just
High King of Narnia