Sunday, August 20, 2006

Shell IT Annual DInner 2006

Friend said this picture looks great:)

Just had my first and last annual dinner for Shell IT last night. It was at Palace of Golden Ponies Horses. Was a memorable night for all the right reasons:) It's also the last performance for me in Shell, wow. 5 onstage performances, 1 private audition (CBJ idol) and an emcee job for my main organization (App Hosting)'s get-together session. All within the last 2 months. Have to say, I've really lived it to the fullest in Shell.

Preparation/rehearsal wasnt easy for last night I had to admit. Reached there at 2pm. Found out full rehearsal wasnt gonna happen. Waited till 4 before I could test the sound. Thank God I brought my own stool cause I knew it would be pretty hard to get the hotel to provide it at no cost (everything is chargeable nowadays). Suddenly had last minute doubts if I've chosen the right songs cause everything was so grand and suddenly felt like an unplugged performance would be rather dull. Considering last minute switch to Fen Xiang Ai. Had to get the mikes sorted out myself during rehearsal cause there wasnt a stage manager to help out. But you know, the moment I sat on my trusted stool, as I played the first chord and sang the first line, all my worries went away. Cause the sound system was just simply superb. At that point, I knew God quelled all my fears and doubts. I just felt so effortless in conveying the emotions of the song.

And so, the performance last night was the most relaxed and fun I had in a long time. I just loved the feedback I got from the crowd though I didnt knew there was any until I watched back the video, which reminds me:


All the fantastic videos you've seen so far was recorded by Leng Chye. It's a pity my plans to let him win the Handsome Devil award (before the dinner, we had a special awards competition, where you have the usual categories award, Miss congentiality (called Sunshine), Miss beautiful (fair lady), Mr Handsome (Handsome Devil) and others). Nominated LC for Handsome Devil because it would have been fantastic to hear his name called out last night for such an appropriate category:) but tak jadi la. What a pity! However, the other two categories (Sunshine and FairLady) which I put in nominations were won by my friends!!! Shows that most Shell IT people do have good taste;)

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HanYin said...

Nice combination of songs =)Enjoyed the vid, can watch again anytime. Hehehe