Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Back from Italy

Bourgiorno! Just got back from Italy on Monday. It was a fantastic trip. Had loads and loads of fun. Photos to follow. Once I caught with my work:P Left on Saturday 17th Feb for Rome, spent 5 days there, then 2 days in Florence. Was supposed to come back the next Sat 24th but had to extend the trip by 2 days cause RyanAir canceled my flight due to foggy conditions. No regrets cause the last 2 days were even more fun. It's amazing how God arrange things sometimes:)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Xin Shang Xin Tong Bu Tong - Daniel Chan (心傷心 痛不痛 - 陳曉東)


Another of my favourite Daniel Chan song.

背對著背 偷偷的流淚 誰都害怕看誰的臉
靜靜回憶追逐這些年 每一個愛的畫面 好美
背貼著背 沉默中無言 迷戀的你萬念俱灰
當我轉身想吻你的淚 你郤推開安慰

心傷心 痛不痛 愛掏空 情失控
忘了聽你想說什麼 少了溝通變苦衷
心傷心 痛不痛 愛放縱 情放手
忘了問你想要什麼 若給的起我都承受

走到門口 我還你自由 淚在閃爍心在顫抖
愛情原來 經不起犯錯 扛不動回憶太重 寂寞太濃

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ferrari's 60th Birthday


Normally, during your 60th birthday, you'll probably get your friends who are still alive, your family to come celebrate with a cake, a bit of dinner and maybe reminiscence over the good old times. Oh no, not Ferrari. They are commemorating their sexagenarian status by going on a world tour of 41 countries starting from UAE where their new investors are and ending in Italy. Top Gear is keeping progress of it with a nice Flash presentation showing the countries and also a nice montage gallery of Ferrari's history.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Schumacher, the next Ferrari F1 team boss?

Totally plausible. The guy's smart, knows not only to drive a car fast but also to motivate his engineers to perform to the highest level, knows the F1 scene inside out since he's been around for more than 13 years already. Wonder if he's gonna be a technical/sporting director first with Ross Brawn back as team chief, replacing Jean Todt in 2008 or is Schummi gonna replace Jean Todt directly... Will be interesting...

Beauty and her Supercharged Beast


Current women tennis no 1, Maria Sharapova choosing her Range Rover Supercharged (uses the 4.2L engine from Jaguar).

Monday, February 12, 2007

There can only be one Cantona


Found this gem of a video (probably one of thousands) showing Eric Cantona's best goals for Man United. The finese and the exquisite touch is just so amazing. The guy can aim his chips at the top corner of the goalpost so accurately, it makes you cry to watch:))

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Get A Mac Advert


Latest in the Get A Mac advertisement series. This is so funny, it pokes fun at Vista's many security dialog boxes.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

I have no reasons to put this up but what the heck:))

John O Shea's 5-minute role as Man Utd keeper

Once again, a match which I didnt watch and then MU wins. For the record since I've got to UK, I've only watched 3 MU matches. All 3 has ended up in defeat for some reason (0-1 to Celtic, 0-1 to West Ham and 1-2 Arsenal). All 3 were away games which MU dominated and yet somehow lost because of lethargic play in the final third. Anyway, I'm digressing. Just wanna share this wonderful clip from the Tottenham-MU (0-4) match which John O Shea (normally plays left-back) saved magnificently from Robbie Keane. Van Der Sar was injured 5 minutes from time after a clash with Keane and MU had used up all their substitutes. After this save, some MU fans started chanting "Watch and Learn, Robinson", rubbing it in for Spurs' keeper Paul Robinson who conceded 4 goals. Incidentally Robinson is now England's no 1 keeper. Not good news for English fans, I suppose:P

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Malaysian Driver Joins Spyker F1 as Test Driver


Quite surprised about this news. Fairuz Fauzy, the 2nd Malaysian driver in the A1GP series and a GP2 driver, has just joined Spyker F1 team as a test and Friday driver. Wonder how much money was paid for it...