Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Leona Lewis - New X-Factor Champion [updated]

She's got a good voice and unlike the usual divas, she doesnt over-cook the song with like 10 notes per milisecond. Check out her performance with Take's so amazing..

full version of finals here.


A Father's Love Knows No Bound

What an inspiring story...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ting Hai - 听海

My unplugged version of an old favourite:)

听海 - 张惠妹

写信告诉我今天 海是什么颜色
夜夜陪着你的海 心情又如何
灰色是不想说 蓝色是忧郁
而漂泊的你 狂浪的心 停在哪里

写信告诉我今夜 你想要梦什么
梦里外的我是否 都让你无从选择
我揪着一颗心 整夜都闭不了眼睛
为何你明明动了情 却不敢靠近

听 海哭的声音
叹惜着谁又被伤了心 却还不清醒
一定不是我 至少我很冷静
可是泪水 就连泪水也都不相信

听 海哭的声音
这片海未免也太多情 悲泣到天明
写封信给我 就当最后约定
说你在离开我的时候 是怎样的心情

Celebrity Jeopardy (Saturday Night Live)

This section of SNL was extremely funny. All the celebrity parodies are just so so funny, especially Sean Connery and his innuendoes. Get em all at youtube, where else?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Even Slashdot makes a mistake

Bummer... slashdot's losing it a bit. One of their editors just put up a piece of artcile without checking it properly. The news is about Google and Nasa's collaboration. The article's all wrong cause it used an old article to point to a 'new' news. Worst still, the article also contain a link to a blatant internet squatting, GoogleNasa, which was registered to a certain Chris Kemp who seemed to have registered that domain on 29 September 2005, one day after that announcement by NASA. But, it seems that the site's been slashdotted already:)) as can be seen in this screenshot:

Better buck up, slashdot or you'll be losing more readers to digg.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Testing Your Vs and Ws

Here's a tongue-twister I thought of. It was caused by one of my cell member in Edinburgh always making fun of people who cant pronounce Vs and Ws properly:P

Vincent and Wilson and are best of buddies,
Vincent wants to buy a Volvo,
Wilson wants to buy a Volkswagen,
And so on their birthdays,
Wilson buys Vincent a Volvo,
Vincent buys Wilson a Volkswagen.

See if you can read this fast and clear enough:) There's actually a subtle twist within a twist in it, it's for people with problems with Vs and Bs:)


Wow...cant believe I've lost almost 10kg in less than 9 months. When I left Open Source Systems in March 2006, I was like 84-85kg (which sort of qualified me as overweight with a BMI (weight in kg divided by height squared) of 85/(1.82 x 1.82) = 25.7). I started going to the gym in Shell twice a week and after 5 months of consistent attendance, my weight dropped to 80-81kg (BMI 24.5.. still a bit borderline). Then I sort of got side-tracked with that singing competition and so, reduced my sessions to once a week. After coming to Edinburgh, I've mostly walked to places I need to go and guess what, my weight's now 76 kg (BMI 22.8). Hopefully, it's due to healthy living (eating mostly home-cooked food with very little oil and salt and MSG) and consistent exercise:) and the cold temperature probably:) This is so cool:)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Stig, a Mclaren Test Driver??

Is this true? Is Top Gear's tame racing driver, Stig testing for Vodafone Mclaren-Mercedes F1?? Don't believe me, look at these photos:

Well, not really, it's actually Alonso getting a surprise Christmas gift from Flavio in allowing him to test for Mclaren for a day despite still being contracted to Renault till end of Dec 2006. Because of the contract, he cannot have any other sponsorship associated with him now and so even his car's decals were removed.

Although, I think Alonso probably got his overall colors idea from Renault's previous publicity stunt with Top Gear when Stig did drive the Renault F1 car around the Top Gear track.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

BMW Sauber F1's new Supercomputer, Albert2

Should have seen this coming:)) Sauber Petronas's first supercomputer, Albert was based on AMD Opteron architecture. With Intel now sponsoring BMW Sauber, Albert must have been quite an eye sore in the sponsorship:)) Having worked in a company that was selling small supercomputers (oxymoron here:P), I've realised that it's all just about marketing and exposure. They're not really passionate about technologies and the amazing stuff they can do. It's just about selling more processors. At least that's the case in Malaysia as most of reps here are just marketing people. Gets a bit frustrating dealing with them. Anyway, here's the press release from BMW Sauber:

lbert2, presented on Thursday to international media representatives in Hinwil, is Europe's fastest machine used in industry according to the current Top-500 list. Albert2 is based on Intel processors and employed by the team for computational fluid dynamics (CFD). On average, it is about three times faster than its predecessor.

BMW Motorsport Director Mario Theissen: "Aerodynamics has a crucial influence on the performance of modern Formula 1 cars, with experimental work in the wind tunnel and computational fluid dynamics complementing each other. The launch of Albert2 means a decisive reinforcement of our CFD capacity. Unlike other teams, we are not planning to build a second wind tunnel but will continue to bank on the consistently expanding potential in this area. For the new season, we have set the goal of further reducing the gap to the top. Our new Supercomputer based on Intel technology is an important tool supporting us in this effort."

"The powerful Dual-Core Xeon processors perfectly match the high demand on computing power of the BMW Sauber F1 Team. The cluster based on these processors is one of the fastest in the world running computational fluid dynamic applications,” said Christian Morales, Vice President & General Manager of Intel Europe, Middle East and Africa.“With the move to Multi-Core we are able to meet the future demand on computing power of the BMW Sauber F1 Team for computational fluid dynamics."

Albert2 is based on Intel technology. It has 256 nodes with two Intel Xeon 5160 processors each, and each of these has two cores. This results in a total of 1024 cores. The capacity of the main memory is 2,048 Gbyte, the maximum computing power is 12,288 GFlops.

To illustrate the point for non-computer-experts, this means that Albert2 is capable of performing 12,288,000,000,000 floating-point arithmetic operations per second. To equal this computing power, all the inhabitants of the city of Munich (1.3 million) would have to multiply two eight-digit numbers every three and a half seconds for an entire year.

According to the criteria defined for acceptance in the Top-500 list of Supercomputers, this data makes Albert2 5.5 times faster than its predecessor, Albert. In the field, though - as with any computer - the software used plays a crucial part when it comes to speed. But even when running the complex programs for CFD calculations the increase is immense: when using the Fluent application, the average performance improvement amounts to a factor of three.

The architecture of the Supercomputer was developed by the Swiss company DALCO. A key objective was the achievement of high levels of efficiency as well as very good scalability, meaning that operations can be split among many processors without any significant loss of performance. The software for the CFD calculations is supplied by the German subsidiary of the American company Fluent, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of ANSYS, Inc. since May 2006. Their specialists have been working together with the CFD engineers in Hinwil for several years, optimising the software step by step.

The Intel processors operate inside High Density Racks from American Power Conversion (APC). These combine power supply, cooling and environmental monitoring in an optimised rack construction. The Supercomputer consists of a total of ten racks, each having a width of one metre, a depth of 1.20 metres and a height of 2.30 metres. This results in a total length of nine metres and a total weight of 21 tons.

Albert2's enormous technological potential is used for analyses in the area of aerodynamics. By means of CFD aerodynamics components for Formula 1 cars are calculated on the computer, using numerical grid models that often consist of more than 100 million cells. CFD plays an important part in the development of front, rear and auxiliary wings as well as engine and brake cooling as another key area.

For the CFD specialists, the computing power provided by Albert2 means that they can perform their calculations either at higher speed or greater accuracy. Willem Toet, Head of Aerodynamics for the BMW Sauber F1 Team, says: "Thanks to Albert2 we can calculate more variants and more complex models which, in the end, results in an advantage on the stop watch. Of particular benefit is the system’s good scalability which gives us a very high level of flexibility.” Computational fluid dynamics does not compete with the work in the wind tunnel but complements it. During the development of the front wing, for example, numerous variants are calculated using CFD before the most promising of them are tested on the 60-percent model in the wind tunnel."

"A major advantage of CFD is the ability to simulate the air flow, which enables us to understand why one part is better than another. Consequently, there is a cross-fertilization between simulation and experimental aerodynamics," Toet added.

Linkin Park + Jay Z

This was out last year, I think. Didnt like Linkin Park nor Jay Z individually but somehow when they combined, it's pretty cool:)

Even Sir Paul likes them apparently...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Poor Asimo

Poor fella took quite a fall:P


This is so so cool, if you got a mac laptop, you gotta try the MacSaber. It's a prog that uses Mac's in-built Sudden Motion Sensor to generate light saber sound every time you move the laptop. Not sure about the longevity of your machine after excessive use but what a way to start a conversation in a party:P

Best F1 Overtaking Moves

This is obviously very debatable but just enjoy it...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Daniel Chan (陈晓东)-Xin You Du Zhong 心有独钟

Finally finished my first semester. And it snowed for the first time this year! So thought I'll do what I've been wanting to do in the blog:) Ignore the pathetic attempt at music-video-ing (I'm a bit kaku(frozen), i know) ..concentrate on the song;)

每一次呼吸 心被占据
浓得发痛在心中 痛全是感动
笑我太傻太蒙懂 或爱得太重

Zhe zhong gan jue chong lai bu cheng you
Zhuo you mei tian si
xu mei yi chi hu xi
Xin bei zhan ju que ku bu yi
Shi ni
rang wo zhao le mi
* Gei le tian mi you bao chi ju li
ni siao sha lai qu wan ai qing you xi
Wo yi tian tian shi qu
yong qi
Pian pian nan liao nan wang ji
** Dan dan wei ni
xin you du zhong
Yin wei ai guo cai zhi qing duo
Nong de fa dong zai xin zhong
Tong cuan shi gan
Wo shi zhen de zhen de yu zhong bu tong
Zhen zhen
wei ni xin you du zhong
Yin wei you ni shi jie bian bu
Siao wo tai sha tai mong dong
Huo ai de tai
Zhi wei xiang xin wo zhi ji
Neng yong yuan dui ni
xin du zhong


Quite an interesting way to mix in Leann Rimes's How Do I Live..

[天天夜夜] 正確歌詞
黎安萊姆絲:How do I live without you
Faye:I want to know
黎安萊姆絲:How do I breathe without you
Faye:If you ever go
黎安萊姆絲:How do I ever
合:Ever survive How do I How do I How do I live

阿沁:當你的淚在微笑中滑落 回憶的風 吹著我走 我卻情願停留
Faye: 等一顆心到時間的盡頭 呼吸也會痛
合:可是我記得 你給我的夢

阿沁:每一夜我感覺妳的存在 走過傷害

Faye:So, how do I live
阿沁:How do I live
合:How do I live without you

Faye:How do I live

阿沁:當世界都遺忘我的時候 妳的一切 對我來說 緊握才能擁有
Faye:我明白一份真愛的背後 藏著苦和憂
合:心痛的時候 更深刻感受

阿沁:每一夜我感覺妳的存在 走過傷害

Faye:So, how do I live
阿沁:How do I live
合:How do I live without you

黎安萊姆絲:And tell me now

阿沁:每一夜我感覺妳的存在 走過傷害

Faye:So, how do I live
阿沁:How do I live
合:How do I live without you
阿沁:without you


Faye:So, how do I live
阿沁:How do I live
合:How do I live without you

黎安萊姆絲:How do I live without you
      How do I breathe without you

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

N Sync - It's Gonna Be Me (Live)

I know most wont agree with me but this is a really cool song. I think I tried to learn the dance steps when it first came out quite a while ago;)

Firefox Crop Circle

Wow, some cool farmer has created a Firefox Crop Circle and it's now on Google Maps:) Check it out at Google Sightseeing. They've even arranged their vehicles to say FX2:))

Cool BMW Advert

So delightfully cheeky:P

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Proof That Dogs are Rear-Wheel Drive

..or more like two-legged run.