Wednesday, August 02, 2006

CBJ Idol Semi-Finals

Secured enough votes to get to the semis and sang another of my own song:) Next round of voting starts again!

Amazingly, I didnt want to sing this song till if I get to the finals actually. I wanted to sing a fast chinese song to do some dance moves:p But somehow, on Monday, I felt singing this song would have been better, though I didnt know why. This morning, I was told that none of the judges knows Chinese and so, singing a chinese song would have been a possible disadvantage. Wow, God's blessings just keep coming in!


casey said...

U hunch to much!!!!!

Shirley Ong said...

Can outsiders vote? :P

Post in vids of other contestants also, can?

ngyahloon said...

cannot put the other contestants' vidz la..need to respect their privacy:)

farulg said...

To read between the lines, the others suck so let's not embarrass them? :-)

Excellent job btw.

coolcat said...

Hey, you are talented song writer lar - enjoyed listening to both songs kau-kau. How many have you written thus far? I hope you win!