Thursday, August 31, 2006

Super Sunday!

After Super Saturday, Sunday could only get better:P My Shell friends decided to give me a super duper 13-hour farewell:)) (Ok, to be honest, I was the event organiser as I seemed to have suddenly developed the talents for it. But the ideas did mostly come from them:P)

The day started at 9.30am where me and Leng Chye left home, then we went to pick up Ann and Peng Peng. Then we went for dim sum (my special request). Sorry, I'm a very lousy camera owner. Too early in the morning, so forgot to take photos. Too busy eating anyway. I'm sure if you wanna see photos of char siew pau, siew mai and what nots, there are better photos online anyway:P Special mention: Ann Yeen ordered the shop's specialty for me: Siew Mai Wong (King of Siew Mai). It tasted very very good. Wish I could have more:P

Peng Peng (Golden Heart) and Ann (Fat Fair Lady)

After dimsum, it was off to Sunway Pyramid. The photo above was taken to prove that we started pretty early in the day:P

We watched Nacho Libre. The movie was unforgetttable but all for the wrong reasons:P The storyline was so bad that it disturbingly stays in your mind after you come out from the cinema. It's about a priest who wants to be a wrestler, who also falls in love with a beautiful nun. Aiyo ma!! Sorry to LC, Ann and Peng Peng who had to endure my choice of show. Well, it was the only show at that time, so really no choice la:P Kesian Peng Peng who had to endure shopping with Ann before the show as well:

Kesian Ann cause she was ill-advised to pass her shopping bag to us:

As usual, Klang Valley people would stop by Starbucks. We were for about 1/2 - 1 hour waiting for 2 more fellas, Steven and Ben.

Hehehe, after 100 emails to and flow, finally only 6 fellas turn up out of a potential 15-16. Hahaha, it reflects badly on my popularity in Shell. But the rest actually were either in Europe, in Penang, had to work or had to have their ass assessed (erm, work assessment to become staff in Shell). Most likely they also couldnt be bothered also la:P Well, in retrospect, 6 fellas is actually just nice as you'll see later;)

In betweens, there's always time to pose with lovely ladies. Sorry guys, green dress's married, the other one, matter of time saja:P Move along nothing to see here anymore:))

Ben and Steven didnt have lunch yet. So it was on to KFC for some "finger-**cking good" "chicken" where Ann, who's just bagged the Shell IT Annual Dinner Fair Lady award tried to do some marketing for KFC Metz:

Haha. I know it's been pretty routine up till now. Well, things got more fun pretty soon as we sauntered up to Pyramid Megalanes for two games of bowling. To spice things up (Ann and Steven's idea), we split ourselves into two teams (Ann, LC and Ben vs Steven, Peng Peng and Alan). The teaming was random. Through sheer coincidence, we realised the teams' overall skills were pretty evenly matched. Losers have to pay for karaoke later (or so we said):P So, it became a very tense competition with a lot of underhand tactics. As usual, due to too much excitement, I forgot to take photos again:)). But trust me, any possible tricks that could distract opponents were employed to harrass our opponents. The natural targets were Ann and Peng Peng of course as since the beginning of time memorial, guys were always better at kacau-ing girls than vice versa. I know in modern times, things have changed a bit but some societal values remain unchanged:))

Anyway, back to the competition, it was pretty tense I tell you. We played two games, each game, the winners were only decided right at the last bowl. It was that close. First game was warm up for everyone. I scored 99 I think, our team got 275. The opponents, 260. Yes! A 15-point lead. Steven was the hero scoring 100+. 2nd game was even more tense. Suddenly everyone's game picked up a lot. One team striked, the other would spare their frame. Cat and mouse all the way to the end. Suddenly my game improved leaps and bounds too. Accurate and concentrate. Spared 3-4 frames in a row. The lead was ding-dong-ing between both teams. And finally, the score? 313-309, we won by just 4 points! Last frame was by Ann and she spared hers to give her 1 more chance to bowl. Luckily she didnt do enough to win:P In the end, we still won with 19 points overall. But dam tense. Good game! Gonna miss bowling so much!

Worthy opponents but still losers in the end:P You would notice by now that most of us strike a certain pose with our thumb and fore finger everytime we take photo. Yup, fair lady's classic pose:))

We are the champions!!

Bowling finished at 5pm. Karaoke supposed to commence at 7pm. So drop by the video arcade for a while. There's this Initial-D arcade that's pretty interesting. Apparently one can get a sim card and fill it with one's race info (car, wins, points). Everytime you race, you slot the card into a reader, then all your info will be shown on the race monitor. When you win, it'll be updated. Cool! We spent quite some time playing this rather childish but addictive game where you need to fill up jigsaw puzzles and spot differences between photos. All 6 of us crowd around the screen to help Steven finish the game. Very worth it since all 6 could play using 1-2 tokens only:))

Finally, the highlight of the day was here:P Makan and singing... we are really that crazy:)) Tak larat wanna write some more also. Just let the photos and captions speak for themselves:

People definitely don go to Redbox for the food. So the less said about it, the better;)

Karaoke time also need to pose!

As the night goes on, everyone becomes more entrenched in the songs

I still remain a bit cool until...

Hehehe, some tender moments as well:

Of course those moments don last long:

It was great fun! Night had to end somehow and it did at 11pm:) Yup, from 9.30am to 11pm.
Way past some people's bedtime already:

Reached home at 1am for the 3rd night straight. Wah.... I think this farewell paling keng already! Thanks guys!! Longest post in my blog so far also I think:))


Today is Malaysia's 49th Independence Day (31st August 1957). Though there are many things to complain about this country, there are more things to rejoice and shout about. I'm grateful to be born in this special country where people dont kill each other just because you look "one kind" at them (manglish for glaring). Would like to take this opportunity to wish all Malaysians Happy Merdeka. Hope in 3-4 years time when I'm back, we'll be a more developed country but with our integrity and values still intact:) Introduce my favourite national song as well. So nostalgic now:


Demi negara yang tercinta
Di curahkan bakti penuh setia
Demi raja yang disanjung tinggi
Kesetiaan tak berbelah bagi

Kepada pemimpin kepada rakyat
Khidmat diberi penuh taat
Sama bekerja sama berusaha
Setia berkhidmat untuk semua

Rela berkorban apa saja
Amanah bangsa tetap dijaga
Kami berikrar penuh setia
Untuk agama, bangsa dan negara

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Super Saturday!

Hmmm...weekends arent the way they used to be recently:P. Slept at 1am on Friday after cell group and had to wake up at 7am cause going for karting at Elite's track:) Brought my housemate this time. This time around, we were able to race the short track as well as the long track. The long track layout at Elite is quite good, as exciting and fun as Sepang. Wow, quite a
number of fast corners which just take your breath away:) Dam, if only can go for just one more time:( This is one sport which I desperately wanna learn and master:)

That's me (dark blue shirt and light blue jeans)

With housemate, Leng Chye

Fellow mat Remp-its:P

Went home after lunch at USJ. Slept for 2 hours, then went out to meet MMU mates for dinner. Hahaha. I actually lost my way on the way to my friend's place in SS3, PJ cause havent been there for more than 2 years. Tried to be smart and took a shortcut. Mana tau, end up in SS1 instead and couldnt get myself out of it. Went round and round and round but always end up at the same junction. Finally got myself on the LDP again, had to make an illegal U-turn to get back on track:P I tell you, feeling lost in PJ isnt a nice thing and to be honest, I've not felt that lost for a while:P Over-confidence I guess:)) Thinking I've got all the roads in Klang Valley covered. Well, humble-pie eaten, time for some real chow.

Had some great butter cheese crabs at Wong Poh Restaurant at Bukit Mayang Mas (near Dataran Prima). Very grateful, to Miss Senior Consultant Debbie Wong for such a well-researched recommendation. She took the effort to ask her colleagues for good seafood places around PJ and it was choice well-made:) RM120 for 4 crabs, 1 meat, 1 vegetables and 1 tofu, 4 persons' meal. That's pretty reasonable for a PJ seafood restaurant.

Yummy butter cheese crab! The sauce was absolutely spot-on. Even better when taken with the fried buns served.

After dinner, it was on to The Curve at Mutiara Damansara. Took a while to decide where to lepak. Finally decided on a classy Indian restaurant called Colonial Times, it's somewhere on the first floor of the Street section (should be at the Asian Courtyard). The prices are very reasonable for drinks (between RM8 to RM14 for non-alcoholic drinks, cheaper than some of those Halo cafes out there). Ambience was classy and great, really worth every single cent you've paid. There's a live band that plays latin music and when they're resting, they'll lower a bigscreen and show football matches if any. Didnt order any food obviously, so cant commend on the food. Would love to go back again to that place for some relaxing music and maybe try the food this time around.
Nice facade!

Could see that these musicians really enjoy their work with the big smiles they have on their faces!

Standing: Vik Tor and Debbie. Sitting: Me and Joe. Too bad Aaron, Bala, Siong, Rajiv and Kumaran couldnt make it this time.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

My Last Cell Group Meeting in Kajang

Had my final meeting with my cell group members at Moi Moi's place on Friday. It was pouring cats and dogs, so getting there was quite a challenge. But it was worth it. Played a simple game of rock-scissors-paper for our ice-breaker. I led our worship session for one last time and then had a simple chit-chat with everyone. After that, went to Jalan Sam Peng (off Jalan Loke Yew, near the Shell petrol station) for some nice nasi lemak and chee-cheong-fan. Quite a lot people though it was like 11.30pm already. Nice!

With the Chin family, Wai Meng, John-John, Sarina and Gillian

With Moi Moi, Judy and the Chins

Ann, potential Mrs Malaysia 2007:P

My two favourite Xi Lais, Judy and Ann. Got them around, food no problem:P

One big happy family:)

Chinese-style nasi lemak, cannot do without fried eggs and chicken curry;)

Chee-Cheong-Fan! Kecek Kecek (only the dudes who have stayed with me in Kepong would know what kecek kecek means:P)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Farewell At The Liews

Had a wonderful time with my ex-cell leader, Liew and his family this evening. Liew and his wife Merrilyn have 4 kids, eldest son Casey, then 3 daughters, Ann Jill, Jo Anne and Lee Anne (semua ada Anne in their names:P). They invited me over for dinner and chit-chat. I've known them for almost 3 years since I've joined their cell group. Though I later joined the new group that multiplied out after we got too big, I've always kept close contacts with these lovely folks.

Always had makan with them after church. Casey always had questions related to computers for me:P and we are both thorough petrolheads. I think I introduced Top Gear to him and many more car junks. I've told Liew, better that Casey is hooked to cars than drugs and alcohol at age 20 and I think he could not agree more:P In fact, Liew is quite a car buff himself too as he just brought me for a test drive with a friend's old Merc SL500 while waiting for dinner to be ready:P

They're like my family here in KL. Liew has always been there to help me out whenever I had problems. What a fantastic brother-in-christ! I am indeed blessed with wonderful people around me wherever I go.

Some photos:
Lot 195, Kajang Country Heights. Always warm and welcoming to all guests.

Casey's very very desirable BMW E36 318iS with its M44B19 (1.9L, 150bhp) engine, M3 Body-kit and Angel Eyes. The envy of many petrolheads. Couldnt resist posing with it.

A mutual friend's old Merc SL500. Drove it for a while from Country Heights to Marriot and back. Scary car. V8 5L engine with lots of power but the steering didnt felt like it was connected to the front wheels and it wobbles badly at high-speed corners. Like I said, scary. The E36 is so much nicer to drive:)

Very comfortable back garden with the makan place, study room and pool nicely placed. Once you masuk this area, don wanna balik already:P

Dinner...mouth-watering Mee-Hun Kueh (Pan Meen in cantonese) with minced meat and lots of cili padi. Simple but gonna miss it a lot in UK.

Group photo with the Liews. Standing: Me and Casey. Sitting (L-R) Joanne, Liew, Merrilyn and Ann Jill. The two kids were Wei Han (Casey's cousin) and Lee Anne.

Shell IT Annual DInner 2006

Friend said this picture looks great:)

Just had my first and last annual dinner for Shell IT last night. It was at Palace of Golden Ponies Horses. Was a memorable night for all the right reasons:) It's also the last performance for me in Shell, wow. 5 onstage performances, 1 private audition (CBJ idol) and an emcee job for my main organization (App Hosting)'s get-together session. All within the last 2 months. Have to say, I've really lived it to the fullest in Shell.

Preparation/rehearsal wasnt easy for last night I had to admit. Reached there at 2pm. Found out full rehearsal wasnt gonna happen. Waited till 4 before I could test the sound. Thank God I brought my own stool cause I knew it would be pretty hard to get the hotel to provide it at no cost (everything is chargeable nowadays). Suddenly had last minute doubts if I've chosen the right songs cause everything was so grand and suddenly felt like an unplugged performance would be rather dull. Considering last minute switch to Fen Xiang Ai. Had to get the mikes sorted out myself during rehearsal cause there wasnt a stage manager to help out. But you know, the moment I sat on my trusted stool, as I played the first chord and sang the first line, all my worries went away. Cause the sound system was just simply superb. At that point, I knew God quelled all my fears and doubts. I just felt so effortless in conveying the emotions of the song.

And so, the performance last night was the most relaxed and fun I had in a long time. I just loved the feedback I got from the crowd though I didnt knew there was any until I watched back the video, which reminds me:


All the fantastic videos you've seen so far was recorded by Leng Chye. It's a pity my plans to let him win the Handsome Devil award (before the dinner, we had a special awards competition, where you have the usual categories award, Miss congentiality (called Sunshine), Miss beautiful (fair lady), Mr Handsome (Handsome Devil) and others). Nominated LC for Handsome Devil because it would have been fantastic to hear his name called out last night for such an appropriate category:) but tak jadi la. What a pity! However, the other two categories (Sunshine and FairLady) which I put in nominations were won by my friends!!! Shows that most Shell IT people do have good taste;)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Why I Am Grateful To Get 2nd Place in the Idols Finals!


CBJ Idol 2006 Champion, Chien Shien Voon's winning performance (Smoke gets In Your Eyes). Sorry, ladies, he's happily married. Some more the wife comes from my hometown Muar and we actually know a mutual friend. Muar people got good taste leh!

3rd place man, Shahrin with Back At One.

When you go against performances like these, getting 2nd is actually quite a miracle based on talents alone. Glad I've made a lot of good friends in Shell:)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cell Group's Farewell For me

As the day of departure gets nearer, farewells will become more common. Hmmm... indeed to say goodbye is always hard. My church cell members from Kajang gave me a farewell on Sunday with satay, steamboat, siew yok, durian and red wine (I know red wine + durian is a bit suicidal but so far stomache can still tahan:P Don know about next morning though but the D24 is worth it. hehehe). Thanks Moi Moi (Cell Leader), Wai Ming (Asst Cell Leader), Sarina (Wai Ming's wife), Kennedy, Judy (Kennedy's wife), Francis, Ann (Francis's wife) and Julie (housemate) for your many sharings and great times especially during makan time:) Not forgetting our zone pastor, Pastor Allan Leong who has also taught me so much during difficult moments in life. He's a great guy!
View from Francis/Ann's house

Very comfortable-looking living room

Steamboat, satay and siew yok lovingly prepared by Ann, Judy and Moi Moi. That's the best part of attending a cell with lots of families in!!!!!

Boiling boiling boiling!
While makan also need to pose a bit;)

Group photos. As you can see, all married couples with children. This is where I've learned to love kids so much playing with them.

Before the party ended, everyone gathered to pray and to ask for God's blessings for me. Wow. Very touched!

Lord, may you continue to bless this cell group and let it grow. Cover them in Your protection all the time. Amen!