Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Very Enjoyable BUT Stressful Week (part 1)

From Tampin to KL to Dubai to Manchester to Edinburgh. Within 7 days:) After the relaxing week before, the hectic schedule was back the moment I reached KL but it was well worth it because I got to do so much before I went off to Edinburgh for a new chapter of my life. I also got to meet almost all my good friends before I cabut off for at least 6 months.

Sunday 3rd September 2006

9.30am: Left Tampin after having breakfast with my mum and dad. Reached KL about 10.30am. Gave Otak-otak to my cell members and ex-cell leader. Decided to go attend church celebration in DUMC for the last time, at least till I'm back. Worth cause the worship was good and the message was pretty good as well:) "The Christian's Understanding on Love and Sex" Wow, I believe God's message or gentle reminder to me cannot be clearer.

Usual DUMC enthuasiastic worship

Senior Pastor Daniel Ho, sincere and yet straightforward in his message to the church

Managed to bump into coolcat and took a photo with her:)
This is one articulate, creative and talented lady. Don play play guys, her ability to whip the pen (erm, keyboard) and her Nikon D50 will put many a men to shame, including humble me:P

Had lunch at Midvalley to take opportunity to say goodbye to two wonderful ex-colleagues , May Yee and Debbie, from Open Source Systems. These two have been like 2 elder sisters to me all this while since we've met although, unfortunately for me, both look so much younger than me:P
May Yee


Younger than me in looks and in mental maturity too apparently:P

Had lunch and went window shopping with these 2 ladies;) Actually they went shopping, I just simply jalan about, letting them do their slow shop-by-shop visits while I went about taking photos such as this:

It's amazing what boredom can do to you:)) But no regrets la. Get to kacau these two ding-dongs. It's been a while since our carefree OSS days.

At 5pm, had to rush off to Desa Kiara Condominium to collect a gift from my aunt from Australia. She posted it to her friend and I went to collect from that friend. I had no idea where was the place but somehow, God showed me the way and I reached there despite only having vague instructions on getting there. It was really amazing. After that, I was off to One-Utama to get a birthday cake. Cake was for Shell IT's Fair Lady's birthday. One-Utama's Sun Moulin was suggested by Peng Peng. Was the celebration at One-U too? Nope, it was at The Curve. As there wasnt any traffic jam then, I took the risk and went in 1-U. Got the cake and got out within 1/2 hour. Pretty amazing stuff.

Reached The Curve at Mutiara Damansara about 7.30pm for Ann's birthday. Miss Fair lady belanja-ed, so we ordered as much as we can, more like we "threatened" to order as much as we want. In the end, we didnt:P

Dinner at Italianies

Usual cake-cutting ceremony for birthday. Cheesecake from Sun Moulin was bought by me:)

Went to Colonial Times to meet some MMU friends at 9.30pm, borak borak a bit then finally went home at about 11.30pm. Reached home 12am with a sore throat and busted body. Hmmm..not so smart to get myself into this situation before leaving but it's not an everyday thing to say goodbye for such a long period. So ultimately, worth it;)

Monday 4th September 2006

Came to office after a week's break. Got the scare of my life. Couldnt find my login profile. Dont tell me they've deleted my account already. So soon!!! No la, just so ngam that DHCP server had some problem assigning IPs and hence, my machine wasnt able to connect to the network. Phew! If my account was deleted, I was gonna be in deep sh*t since I've still got a document to finish. Well, after the machine was ok, borak borak abit with friends, did a bit of work, it was lunch. My manager, Siew-Chin, gave me a treat cause I've been a good boy in office:) Did my duties and even more. Hehehe. But it was good! Managed to finish the last task I was given, writing a very very very long document. Got great sense of satisfaction, leaving work with no baggages whatsover.

Tuesday 5th September 2006

Last day in Shell. No work to do already. So pretty lepak. Said goodbyes to many good people. Tidy up my workspace. Pretty much that's it

Lunch at KFC with friends I met during Shell's Inter-D games.

Came back from lunch, lepak again. Then my dept, Global Linux/Unix actually threw me a farewell party as well. Wah, feel so humbled and honoured at the same time. Cause farewell parties are normally given for leaders and managers only. Engineers, got ppl remember he/she leaving, sudah cukup baik lor. Really dont know what to say except that it's been a most fruitful and fantastic 6 months in Shell. Everything really just nice. It's really all God's blessings, I'm just a passenger in this amazing journey. I know I kinda keep repeating myself but it's really just so so unbelievable. No doubt, there'll also be bad times in the future but it's memories like this that will keep me going, knowing that bad times are temporal only, cause I have such good times to prove it:)
Most practical farewell gift, angpow:P

Gratitude written all over my face, isnt it?

Which was why I decided to give GLUX the 2nd-place trophy I won from CBJ Idol. I think it's more meaningful for them to keep as it gives the dept something to shout about and memories to keep as well.

End of part 1. Really too many things happened that I cannot put everything in 1 post. Stay tuned for part 2 and part 3:P


coolcat said...

Wah, so keng wan your description of me. *Kembang* Ok lar, will excuse your P&P comment :P

Shirley Ong said...

I owe you a meal too, for taking care of my Italian documents

Thanks, dude

ngyahloon said...

coolcat: me only telling the truth;)

shirley: no worries, just make sure u introduce some german chicks to me when I'm there next june:P