Monday, April 14, 2008

I've been selected!!!!

I'm one of the 9 finalists in the Bridgestone E-Reporter competition!!!!!!!! I joined this competition when I was really bored in Malaysia few months back and wanted to do something constructive. What better way than to marry my passion for motorsport racing and writing. Really didn't expect to win since I felt there were probably a lot of people who could write better stuff than me:)

To be honest, I joined this competition when I was at the lowest point of my confidence back in February. At that time, the long lay-off has really made me feel terribly useless and nothing seemed to be going right then. So I just thought I'll use this competition as an avenue to pour out all my focus and energy. Praise God! It was good enough and things has really been on the rise since I've got back to Bonn. 6 months of pent-up energy is being released full-force at everything I'm doing now:)

Anyway, what's the deal, you ask? I'm going to Barcelona on 24th April (ahem, note anything special about this date?;) to attend the launch event. I'll be taking a 6am flight back on Friday cause I have a lab. I'll be able to cover the Hockenheim race as well on 20th July:) We'll be attending the final GP2 race in Monza as well. The overall winner will get to cover the MotoGP race in Valencia at the end of the year. To be honest, I'm happy enough to be selected as a finalist. Anything else will be bonus!

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