Thursday, August 10, 2006

Shell CBJ Idols Finals! [updated]

First Song (Mo Ri Zhi Lian: End Times Love)

Second Song (Fen Xiang Ai: Share My Love)

Haha...had so much fun on 9th August 2006 at Shell IT's Theatrette. What a night! After the audition (no audience allowed, so no video:P), quarter-finals and semi-finals, this beat em all. My friends ("fans") printed a lot of posters/banners and waved them everytime I sang. Really gila till the end. What a fitting way to start my last month in Shell:D Results? Not important la;) I've managed to secure 1st runner-up!!!! Lost to a guy who sounds very much like Jackie Cheung. Quite surprised for me lor cause I didnt really do that well for the first song.. guess my 2nd song rescued me and also most of all, I have made such amazing friends in Shell;)

To be honest, I was pretty down and out after the first performance because I myself felt that my performance wasnt really spectacular. For some reasons, I felt lost and disconnected on stage. Havent felt that way for a long time. But you know, God is so amazing lor cause as I sat down after my performance, He calmed me down and as I look towards those bunch of friends who were carrying the banners and posters, my spirit just lifted up and I thought to myself, "my focus has been wrong. Competition not important. Singing for these bunch of loyal friends is more than anything else in the world". So 2nd song, I just went up and had a blast of a time with these folks backing me up morally. So, guys, now you know how important you were that night in case you dont;)

So if there's a lesson to be learnt from this for me is this: screw fame and glory, friendship rules! Hahaha...that's to put it bluntly;)

Fantastic memories:

These ppl are making it very hard for me to leave this company. Btw, in the 2nd pic, the elegant lady wearing the grey jacket is actually my division's operations manager!!

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Anonymous said...

Although I only know it lately that you've joined and won the competition, I still feel very proud of you. Hope you will do it again in the future. :) and I wish I'll be there to cheer and support you :)