Monday, September 11, 2006

A Very Enjoyable AND Relaxing Week

Spent my last full week at home in Muar mostly. Relaxing at home, sleep 12 hours, eat, chat on the net, meet some friends. Here are some proof of that:)

Met my mom's colleagues for dinner and had, of all things, lamb chops:P It was good, though not very Malaysian. I supposed any food that is not self-cooked will be missed

Food I'l miss from Muar:
It's quite strange actually. Waffles are the same everywhere and yet for some reason I only feel like eating them when I'm back at home. So, it has sort of become my ritual to eat them whenever I'm home. Strange indeed

Apologies to all my Muslim friends because these 2 pictures are not halal. Stewed Pork (Loh Bak in Hokkien). Added a few pieces of BBQ pork (Bak Gua in Hokkien) for one of my lunches at home.

Mee Siput (literally translated as Snail Noodle). Made of .. actually I have no idea what they're made of but I do not they taste dam good especially with good sambal. Crunchy and soggy at the same time when soaked with lots of sambal. Shit, mouth watering again. Bad idea to post this when I'm already in Edinburgh. Here's a picture guide on how to get the sambal going:
Take the pack of sambal and erm, take a photo of it:p

Open up the packet of Mee Siput.

Pour a healthy dose of sambal into it.

Mix it up until sambal and snail become evenly distributed or hand pain or mouth tak boleh tahan already.

Chui Kueh (literally meant Watery Cake). Again, I have no idea what the white stuff are made of but they taste dam good especially when it comes with the brown stuff (Chai Poh in Hokkien or Choi Po in Cantonese). Even better if you add a bit of the sambal from the Mee Siput's "dressing":P

Some nice Soya Drink (Tao Jiong in Cantonese) to quench one's thirst after all the spicy and oily food;)

Claypot Chicken rice. Looks good. Tastes pretty good as well

Used to like satay a lot until ate too much of it. Ate until vomited once. Stopped eating satay after that. What a pity. So lesson learnt, never eat too much of something even if you like it a it. The moment you eat until puke, you'll never like it again:P

Roti Tissue. Very special dish in M'sia. Cant find it in any other country I think.

Home for 18 years before I went off for studies in Malacca and subsequently Cyberjaya. Rarely went home after moving to Cyber:P A bit more consistent after starting work, twice a month but for weekends only. Very comfortable house

With a nice garden/fountain

Pretty big living room

Finally, on Saturday, my parent's cell group members had a BBQ party at Tampin. Pretty cool as well. Received a lot of well-wishes, gifts and ang pows:)
View of a nice-looking mountain from dad's house in Tampin. Quite nice. Edinburgh is 10x more beautiful.

Some short speech to celebate my departure, mum's birthday and dad's 1 year anniversary in Tampin:)

Almost every church member came. Very cool!

Had a cake for mum.

Led worship to thank and praise God for His blessings.

Received a lot of blessings and well-wishes from everyone. So blessed

Nice week before I went off to UK. So relaxing and rewarding. Time passed very fast though as I went to KL after the BBQ party.


fadli said...

nice foods...... aku pun mula terfikir benda yang paling aku akan rindu bila pergi ke foreign country ialah makanan. haha

ngyahloon said...

Memang biasa...masa i post the photos, air liur mula meleleh:P