Saturday, December 31, 2005

Intel: Leap Ahead


Finally, after all the Intel Inside, Idiot Outside jokes, Intel has decided that the best way to counter AMD's better technology (at least on the desktop and server processors) and celebrate their new partnership with Apple is by changing some marketing and branding strategies. Yes, new logo and new slogan. Intel: Leap Ahead (but lag behind AMD). Found out from Engadget. Original article at Reuter.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Who is the Stig

Suddenly got curious about who is the Stig. I asked google and I got an aswer:) Click the following links only if you're really curious like me:
1. Old Stig
2. New Stig

And it looks like I'm not the only curious one around:))

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dear Aslan

Hi! Edmund here. How are things in Narnia? Are the Talking Animals giving you non-stop problems again, Aslan? Well, don worry too much about it cause you are the greatest King ever. Nothing is ever too big a problem for you:)

Things are improving here in England. The war's over and Finchley is getting back to normal again. We got this guy, Winston Churchil, rallying the whole of England to pick ourselves up again. He's like High King Peter really. I'm really proud of that brother of mine.

Anyway, i know only girls do these kind of things but I wanna thank you for literally sticking out your neck for me. You didnt need to do it for me but you did. That's why you're a chum and a smashing lion!

The war has left quite a big damage to England and many other countries. So many people died and families torn apart. Sometimes, I wish that you would come here and make things right. Just like in Narnia, you will remove all evil and set things right here. I told this to Lucy and she said "You can't force Aslan. He's never a tame lion, you know". That's why you're so magnificent, Aslan. You didnt need to sacrifice for me and you did.

Well, guess what Aslan, I found you out! You are here in our world as well as in Narnia. You have chosen to use another name but I know you. You are called Jesus in this world. You came as a human to make an impact on all of us staying in this world. Your blood and your death 2000 years ago here redeemed all our lives just like your death by the White Witch redeemed mine in Narnia. The Deep Magic is indeed present here as well as in Narnia.

So, Aslan/Jesus, your birthday on earth is coming up soon. Here's an early Happy Birthday! May your whiskers and fur be as shiny as ever:)

Yours forever,

Edmund the Just
High King of Narnia

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Book Review: Developing the Leader Within You (John C Maxwell)

As part of my cell leadership intern training in DUMC, I had to read this book and do a book report. After a 3-month delay, here it is finally:) I think for people who are not natural-born leaders like me, it will really help a lot, especially if somehow you keep getting leadership responsilibities whether you like it or not:P

Book Report: Developing the Leader Within You

This book by John C. Maxwell is a very powerful book and it captivated me the moment I started reading it. I guess, being someone who reads more fictional books than non-fictional, I have never known the inspiration that these books can provide. Although the later chapters took much longer than expected to finish, overall it still gives very well-defined ideas on the areas to develop to become a good and even great leader.

I have been deeply inspired by the teachings of this book and have started applying some of the philosophies introduced and they have been wonderful to my daily leadership requirements. It really came at a right time for me as I started to take on more leadership responsibilities at work, in my cell group and family. By concentrating on the few areas specified in this book, I became more comfortable in leading my engineers or cell members. My willingness to lead has also, as a result, increased as I now know the expectations that people have of a leader.

The following are some key areas where I found to be really useful. It is not that others are not useful but at this point of time, these areas are important in my own personal development as a leader.

The Need for Leadership

The key to success in any endeavour is the ability to lead others successfully”. Simple words and yet they clearly defined the importance of leadership. These words gave me a very clear perspective of what is expected of a leader, that basically, everything rises and falls on leadership. The best hope that John C Maxwell could give to readers is that, leadership is teachable and learnable, an encouraging theme to people who are not naturally-born leaders like me.


Like it or not, a person will directly or indirectly influence another for good and/or for bad. In return, he/she will be influenced by others as well. This is a very key area in leadership as when a leader can positively influence his/her followers, he/she can then inspire them to do great things. John Maxwell defined 5 levels of influences (Position, Permission, Production, People Development and Personhood). These levels give leaders clear objectives on becoming an effective leader through positive influences.


A leader’s attitude is very important in the make or break of his/her leadership. This is one area which the book has helped me to develop a lot. It made me realise that in certain areas, I needed plenty of work. Impatience in getting results and slackness in time management were some of my main problems. After reading this section, I have decided to put in some changes in my work and life and they seemed to be working. For example, I stopped using the snooze button on my alarm and will now start my morning with a short prayer and go off for a shower immediately. This was as opposed to before where I would snooze for almost 20 minutes before deciding to wake up.

Making Positive Changes

A leader is only effective in his/her role only when he/she is making positive changes to the surroundings. I felt that this is totally in line with DUMC’s motto of “seeing a need, meet it and see a hurt, heal it”. The fact that my efforts to be a better leader and hence, a person will have positive effects on others deeply encourages me and this has become my main objective in leadership.


Setting a reachable vision with clearly defined objectives is very important as it provides a checklist whether a leader and his/her followers are on target or not in their work. A vision, as John puts it very nicely, is a picture that a leader sees in his/her mind. A leader without vision is like a person without sight and hence will lead others blindly. A very clear case of “blind leading the blind” indeed.

People Development

Ultimately, I felt the most important message of this book is that, a leader can only be effective when he puts clear focus on people development. By teaching others to do and do it well rather than doing it myself all the time, I am developing more leaders and as the saying goes “many hands make light work”. Being very result-oriented and impatient previously, it has taken me quite a while to adjust to this mindset but I believe in the long run, this ability will stand me in good time as I take on even more responsibilities in life.


This book is indeed inspiring, encouraging and yet practical in leadership training. The well-illustrated examples and leadership models in the book provided a very clear idea on what great leaders had in common. The ability to inspire, to make positive changes, to have great attitudes, to set visions and most of all, to develop more great leaders.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Top Gayer

Oh my God, macam ni pun boleh!!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Girl From Ipoh: A Resounding Success


Just finished watching a wonderful wonderful musical (the producers call this new style Pop Theatre) called Girl From Ipoh at the KL Performing Arts Centre. The experience was simply amazing. This is a very well-crafted tongue-in-cheek play with everything I like in it. First things first: StoryLine. Once again, familiar and yet originally told. Briefly, it's about a Chinese girl from Ipoh (what else u expect la:P) called Wong Mei Lee, who doesnt really know how to be a Chinese. She fantasizes about Western worlds (not a Hor Fan seller's daughter helping out at the stall), being rich, famous and wanted as a kid and teenager. And when she finally grew up, her love life was also pretty messed up as she tries to find the meaning of love and of course, finding it in the wrong place, wrong person using the wrong ways.

So, what's really special about this play then, since I've been harping on it so much. Well, for a starters, try to fathom this: the main actress, Carmen Soo (more about her later;)) , playing Mei Lee isn't really playing her since Carmen is actually playing Mei Lee, in Mei Lee's mind!! Look at Carmen's character sort of like a phsychological alter ego or whatever. Actually what I'm trying to say is, the whole story was actually set in the real Mei Lee's mind. Told from her imagination and memories. Cool or what!! Which kinda explained why the poster for the promo looked so weird. Hehehe. I especially love the ending (spoilers ahead, don read the remaining of this paragraph if you're gonna watch it). It's where the real Mei Lee (who is chubbier, shorter and not-so-prettier:P, played by producer Cindy Chin) comes out and actually jolt her alter ego a bit so that she'll stop pitying herself. And I really like the part where
she says "it was because of her body, her face (meaning Carmen) and my story, taht's why it attracted so much attention..." Hmmm... ya I know, most of us are superficial people, tending to look at things at the skin-level. Guilty as charged:">

The other cool thing which has to be mentioned is the entire story was accompanied by a very talented group of A capella singers called the LiT Performers. So depending on Mei Lee's mood, these ladies will render different types of tune to suit the mood. No background music or percussions, just their voices. Familliar tunes like Pretty Woman, Under The Boardwalk and even some Teressa Teng tunes captivated the audience non-stop. These ladies even do translation as Mei Lee's dad speaks purely in Cantonese. Really nice and suitable. It really made the whole show unique as it's not a full musical where the actors sing but at the same time, there's a lot of interaction between the music and the whole storyline. I'm not sure if I'm giving the proper credits but one just needs to be there to know how it really feels.

And speaking about acting, I really have to commend Carmen Soo for a job well done. Not only is she pretty, she also delivers as the main actress. Every expression and action is well acted out. I think most of the guys (me especially) were bowled over by this cute looking chick. Of course, me having the opportunity to sit at front row (yup, worth every single cent of the RM48 and more), get to see her even much closer:D

And what do you know;) I even get to take a picture with her:

I know, the quality dam cacat, which was a very big pity. Blame it on my lousy camera phone and my colleague who went with me:))

It was indeed a happy-ever-after-ending for my night. Ya, i'm still grinning non-stop as I'm writing this piece now.

Kudos to Integrated Expressions for putting up such a refined show. They've really shown what Malaysian talents can really do with enough resources. Guys, still got time tomorrow (13/11/2005) to catch the show. You really don wanna miss it. You don need to be Mr/Miss Artsy-Fartsy to enjoy this. The crowd tonight was superb. Mostly average Malaysians like me. We were all very responsive and yet not-Ah-Beng-ish (no cat whistles during "intense" moments (most of them involving Carmen:P) of the show and all).

KLPAC is also a very beautiful place and rather romantic, with a Japanese restaurant in it as well. Miss this whole show and experience at your own risk!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Mclaren loses Adrian Newey to Red Bull for 2006

Squadro Toro Rosso (Red Bull in Italian) has just scored a big coup by pullling Mclaren's chief designer, Adrian Newey to their team next season onwards. Wow!!! As Simon Cowell said, "it's the surprise of the century". Not exactly really cause Adrian had actually wanted to leave for Jaguar (Red Bull then) in year 2001. Bored with Mercedes's screwed up engines already. Who can blame the guy. I mean, imagine if you've created a formula that will win you the Nobel Prize but in the end, you didnt get it because your research sent in the report written/printed on toilet paper. Erm, very shitty example, I know but brain not working too well now:P Anyway, what does it mean for F1 next season? More drama la! Man, Can't wait for Bahrain 2006 already.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Just when you thought it isnt worth watching anymore

Well, best match I've seen from MU since beating Arsenal at home. Final score: MU 1 Chelsea 0. Of course, this doesnt really mean anything from the League point of view except that MU is "only" 10 points behind Chelsea and 4 points behind Wigan (yes, I didnt make a mistake). Guess that's why people can never stop watching football. Football, bloody hell!

Finding your way around Kuala Lumpur

Without really realising it, I've been living in the Klang Valley for almost 6 years (shit, even I got a shock when i did the arithmetics). The first 3 years spent at cyberjaya didnt really give me a chance to explore KL city. I remember I could only go to a limited number of places (KLCC, Low Yat (this one also thru that stupid Jalan Pudu with its always-red-traffic-lights), Midvalley, SS2, 1-U). I had no idea how each place was really like relative to another. However, my work has allowed me to travel quite a lot and I now find myself almost a full-fledged KL driver:). The sense of satisfaction of now being able to map out my journey in KL is pretty cool. Of course, sometimes the fact that we know too much complicate things a bit but generally I'm pretty efficient now getting aboutKL. But I don't think I could have done without Street Directory's KL Map. Unfortunately, they've removed the KL maps already and so, now I have to rely on Google and some pretty cool contributions from this site, Malaxi. Hope for those who are new to driving in KL, this will be a gem for you:)

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Old Man Catching Up with the Chinese Music Scene

I've found myself suddenly very attracted to Chinese pop songs again. Must be the amount of spare time I have nowadays:)) Of course, most of the songs/singers I know are like out of date and probably growing fungus already. So, I sort of started listening full time to chinese radio stations on the car again and found out... Wow.. not bad lah! Compared to 5 years back (yes, it has been that long:P), the music variety has increased quite a lot. People like Zhang Z-Chen (local R&B singer), Stephanie Sun (not exactly new), Jolin Tsai (what a surname), Five Month Day (I kid you not! Sounds more cool in chinese I guess. It's a Pop-rock band anyway), Fish Leong (local singer with bad English name), Penny Tai (Once a upon of time, she was sort of an acquiantance. Should have asked for her Autograph then. Better steal, should have stolen her IC or something:P) are making my life a bit more melo-dramatic nowadays. Anyway, catching up again isnt so bad. Quality of the songs isnt too bad as well. Cheesy pop songs will always be there but the maturity is there too. Guess, the fans who have started listening in their teens back in 90s have grown up (like moi) and so the market is more sophisticated already (I hope). People can accomodate more differences in styles. Probably also because new fans (guys/gals in their puberty, I mean teenage years) are more demanding as well. Anyway, at least now maybe the songs I choose in Karaoke wont take so long to load since I, aherm, am now trying to learn a few new tunes meself;)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Salute, Enzo Ferrari (1898-1988)

Just watched an extremely good movie titled Ferrari. Yup, you guessed correct, it's related to the car that everyone knows about, the prancing horse, Michael Schumacher, Formula One, Austria 2002, Indianapolis 2002, 360 Modena but this movie went way before that. This movie was about Enzo Ferrari, not the car but the founder himself. Man, after watching this movie, my admiration and appreciation of the Ferrari legacy has gone up even more.

The movie appropriately starts with a Ferrari Formula One car going out in testing and we then see Enzo, already in his 70s, holding a classic stop watch. As the car zooms past him, he stops the timer and looks at it. His son, Piero then comes up to him and asked how is it. Enzo promptly said' great, everything's great but add a second to the lap time when you talk to the driver later". Well brilliant start to a movie (if you're a ferrari or racing fan:P). The movie then goes on to when Enzo somehow allowed a mysterious journalist to interview him. Enzo never allowed any reporters to get near him as he thinks they are pest and he quite blatantly tells them so all the time. So, it's quite amzing that he allowed this young chap to interview him. And this is where the movie really kicks off. Enzo starts to tell his story. About his childhood (watching Vincenzo Lancia battle Felice Nazarro in the 1908 Circuit di Bologna), his young days (racing CMN cars in small events and "almost" winning), his triumphs (winning a race with his first son, Dino (still an infant) in his hands), his losses (deaths of his son and designer).

What I like about this movie:

Great acting
Sergio Castellitto is simply amazing as Enzo Ferrari although due to Sergio's age, his portrayal of young Enzo was a tad less convincing but middle-aged onwards, perfectly marvellous. He carried this movie really well. The other actors were all ok as well but Sergio Castellitto was the main driver in this movie (pun intended:P)

Great lines
Only Italian movies or movies about Italians can have brilliant lines such as "Without women, the engines wont even start" and "The Ford deal went to hell. They want to be the bosses in this house and I wont allow that". Mama mia!

Great scenes
Best was the one when after the death of Vittorio Jano, Ferrari's main engine designer, Enzo went to the Ferrari factory and made all the engineers revved up all the engines at once. You need to be a petrol-head to understand the significance of that. And of course, the scene where Enzo declined to sign the agreement to sell Ferrari to Ford at the last second after realizing that his lawyers didnt read the fine-print properly. Enzo was still supposed to take care of the sports car division and have a free reign over it. But agreement still insisted that he had a 100k budget cap. Above that, have to consult Detroit. Of course, later on, Ford went on to make the GT40 and whipped Ferrari nicely in many a Le Mans race but that's a different story altogether. One other touching moment was where Enzo saw his brilliant young driver Gilles Villeneuve bringing his family, wife Joanna, son Jacques (ya, that canadian driver) and daughter Melanie, to the track. Enzo then tried to hint to Gilles to take it easy on the track and value his family. Of course, as we all unfortunately know, Gilles Villeneuve died on the track in 1982 while in a Ferrari.

Enzo's success definitely didn't come without a price. There were many deaths (son Dino, engine designer Vittorio, Gilles, test driver Marco Guigni etc). The last scene poignantly had Enzo saying "There is no triumph or glory in the world that's worth an inch of human skin".

Monday, October 24, 2005

Me and my Darling

This a photo of me (guy in red shirt, in case you don't know) and my girlfriend at KL international airport. It was just before she boarded the plane to Auckland for 6 months. As you can see, her eyes a bif puffy from tearful goodbyes:P Me? Eyes always puffy, so not much difference. Hahaha

Woohoo...radical F1 changes for 2008


Check out the new rear wings proposed by FIA for 2008. Awesome! For more details, go to FIA website. This design should greatly reduce the air turbulence caused when a F1 car gets too near to another car in front. Should greatly improve overtaking. Not so sure if one can built such wings and yet still maintain structural integrity though. Don want a wing to be ripped off by wind and kill some poor guy in the crowd.

Confidence boost for Malaysian aerospace industry

Just went for a meeting with a company today. This company is supposedly an important player in our Malaysian aerospace industry (name shall not be revealed), which might need our supercomputing solutions. Me and my bosses arrived at the office in Mont Kiara at about 12pm and were greeted by this sight:

Company name obfuscated but check out the lock on the door
! Got "No Salesman" sign lagi. Who wanna sell anything with that lock around?

Close up:

Wow, monday 12pm and office fully locked. No need to do business ah? Turns out the director we're meeting forgot all about our appointment. With this type of professionalism in our aerospace industry, I think those who are currently in the race to be the first Malaysian to go to outer space shouldnt be worried about winning the competition, he/she should be worried what happens if he/she wins!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Accessing Ext2/Ext3 Filesystems on Windows

If you understand the title, then you should read on:)

Just found a program, Ext2fsd, that can read/write ext2/ext3 on Windows. Seems pretty stable. I tried playing a video file in Windows from the ext3 drive (USB2.0 external drive lagi) and there's no major issues, now copying 4G worth of files from the drive to another Windows machine. Seems ok as well. After you've installed the software, you wont get any GUI to do the dirty job though. You need to whip out a command prompt (if you're still reading, this probably didnt scare you anyway).

Before we talk about mounting, you gotta know the drive/partition convention this program uses, which ala grub style. Drives starts counting from 0 and partitions start from 1. Hence drive 1 partion 2 will be "0 2"

To mount a drive, type:

mount DriveNumber PartitionNumber VolumeLetter:

for example, drive 2, partition 2 to be mounted as E drive:

mount 1 2 e:

To unmount:
mount /unmount e:

The cool thing is you can also use this command on Windows drives (which i accidentally did while finding out which was my Linux partitions. Hahaha)

Now, why is this useful? Well if you have an external drive that you wanna access via Linux/Windows and by access, I mean reading/writing, your options are a lot. Worse if you have an OBD (obscenely big drive). I found this out through the tough way. The most straight forward FS would be Fat32 but Fat32 partitions has size limitation of 32G and I had a 120G drive. I wanted to use this drive to archive stuff from Linux/Windows system. Of course, if you have a Mac, apparently taht's not an issue as you can use your Mac to format it in Fat32 with no size limitation. Unfortunately, there was a slight problem with the drive I formatted, the directories created in a Mac-created Fat32 partition is not case-sensitive, which is a big no-no for archiving stuff from Linux systems. So, in a moment of desparation, I just formatted the OBD as ext3 and left the Windows Part till later. I started adding lots of files on it and was too lazy to reformat the partition anymore. So, ext2fsd saved my life. So I could spend more time watching Desperate Housewives:P

Friday, October 21, 2005

Last Power Update from Apple

Straight after launching the new Video Ipod and iMac G5, Apple is really on a roll. Last updates for the PowerMac and Powerbooks were out before the Mactels start to roll out June 2006. Hopefully the price for the Mactels will be easier on the pocket. Locally, only CG Computers have the latest prices. Other major Apple stores like MacAsia, MacStudio and Gallant havent released any new prices yet. For comparison's sake, the 12-in Powerbook costs USD1499 which should be about RM6k here. Unfortunately, price is RM6.4k ++. Go figure!

Try that, Tiger

Great as Tiger woods is, I doubt if he could have made this birdie shot. Speaking of Tiger, it seems he will not just take away the No 1 spot from Vijay but even the record earning in a season as well. Bad Tiger!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bizarre Incident at F1 Shanghai GP 2005

You can never say you've seen it all in F1 even if you're Murray Walker. This just tops it all for the 2005 season. Last race of a long season (19 races) at major economic potential China. Big accident? Major takeovers? Nope. Drain cover came off at a important corner. Yup, you've heard it right. Apparently turn 9's chicane consists of drain covers and one of them just decided to pop up and said hi to all the drivers. Biggest losers? Montoya who being the bull that he is, ran over the drain cover and burst his right front tyre. Btw, Michael Schumacher, 7-time world champion also spun out during the safety car period, day-dreaming about his upcoming holiday I guess.

And as it turns out, MS did manage to do the impossible: maintaining his 2-point lead over a much much faster Montoya. All because of a bloody drain cover. That's F1 for you.

I don't know about you but this is probably just yet another effect of rushed construction works in China, now brought live to the world audience. China, please don't cut any corners (literally or figuratively) in your push to be an economic power:))

Friday, October 14, 2005

Isn't it a Wie bit too early


Couldnt help but join the bandwagon of comments on the hottest thing in golf after Tiger Woods (he's still the man to beat in PGA, of course, relently pursuing the Golden Bear's 18 majors victory but this is another story by itself, actually). Yes, I am talking about Miss Michelle Wie. First round of professional competition saw her shot a two-under 70 score. Not bad but not spectacular, considering that Annika Sorenstam shot an eight-under 64. But can Annika tahan for long a 6-foot-1 16-year-old Korean chick who looks as good as she drives. Only time can tell. But as things stay, the crowd are chanting "Wie want more!" and "We want Wie!". Me too, I've joined the bandwagon already. Along with Nike's boss and a few Sony executives. For more Michelle Wie juicy bits, click here and here.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

My Blessed Cell Group Members


Kajang CG 2 Family Photo. Uai Uai (crooked) a bit. Hehehe

You know, I've been very blessed to be placed by the Lord under my current cell group, Kajang 2 under a very lovely lady called Chong Moi Moi. We meet every Friday night at Moi Moi's place in Country Heights, Kajang. Normally before going there, I'll be like "aiyak, tired la. Why still have to go out at Friday night. Wanna sleep already la". Somehow, after reaching MM's place, all these feelings normally disappear automagically. Hehehe. Guess God's power just restores my soul and spirit and naturally my body just rejuvenates by itself;)

Anyway, the photo you see here are all my members (I'm the intern assistant to MM, btw). Seated from left to right are Serena, Madam Ng (serena's mum), Moi Moi (CL), Pohar (left for Nz already:((, photo was taken because it was our Cell's farewell for her actually), Ann, Judy and Audrey. Standing from left to right are Wai Meng (Serena's husband), Danny (yet another intern:P), Kennedy (Judy's husband), Me (hopefully Pohar's future husband:P), Joey (Audrey's husband) and Francis (Ann's husband). As you can probably tell, members in the group are all somebody's husband or wife i.e. all got family aready la. I really get a lot of spiritual support from them. These are mighty prayer warriors who have helped me prayed for breakthroughs especially when there's major problems in my life. Really love them all!!

So, what do we do every friday? If you click on the photo and go through the slides, you'll probably get a clear idea. Anyway, we will always start with an ice-breaker just to like relieve all the stress of the week. Then we will sing some songs to sing praise and worship the Lord. After that, we'll discuss about the sermon we attended last week at DUMC, discuss on things to do for the church, the group etc. Lastly, the most powerful session of all will be the prayer session where we will highlight the problems we have, the country has, the church has and we will pray for these items 1 by 1, sometimes men to men and women to women if we were running late. I've seen so many prayers answered and breakthroughs, not just for myself and Pohar but for everyone else. I really pray that whatever's God purpose and plan for our group, we will realise it for Him!

Ok ok! That's actually not the last session. The last session is normally where we forget totally what we've done for the past hour and go back to our glutton self by walloping supper. Word has it that our group's supper session is the most elaborate one, especially when Kennedy is the man in charge. Hahaha. Well, what we can do? Still flesh while we're on earth what!

Malaysia's very own Oktoberfest!


We're having our very own Oktoberfest at One-Utama on 21-23 October. Definitely not your standard buka puasa kinda place;)

First Post

Hello world! Once again, I'm trying to start a blog. Hope this one wont be like the other efforts. Why now, you might ask. Well, most people mark a special milestone in their lives by doing something out of the ordinary. Well, some major events have just happened to my life. Biggest impactful one is that the love of my life will be away from me for at least 6 months. She's just on flight MH0131 for Auckland on 13th October 2005 8.50pm. Arriving in Auckland at 12.50pm local time. She's there on a working holiday visa for 6 months. Going for job interview on Monday at Roche (All the best and God bless to her!).

After three years of being together, going through thick and thin, this is the first time we're not gonna see each other for more than a week. Imagine that 3 years (52x3=156 weeks) we've been together and now I can only see her on the computer screen and/or hear her voice only. Kinda scary. But I believe God created this whole thing for a purpose and I believe that He will help us honor this relationship and make us stronger as a result.

Well, the good thing (still debating with myself if it's good or not) is I got a lot of time on my hand now. So, why not start a blog. The thing is with responsibilities in my work increasing quite drastically, I got a feeling I wont have the chance to catch up with lots of friends. So might as well make this like an infohub of where and when Alan is doing what.

So what's the basic theme of this blog, if you're still interested at this point. Well nothing specific. Probably will complain about my colleagues a bit, ejek some customers a bit, air my humble opinion on politics, movies and the stuff I do in church. We'll see la. So here goes...first post is up... now!