Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Shell Idol Quarter Finals

Date: 26/07/2006
Time: 6.00pm
Venue: Shell IT Theatrette, Cyberjaya

First public performance in Shell IT:P Looks like I wont be leaving Shell quietly. Shell IT people, vote for me!!! Semi-finals next week!!!! Some photos:
Calm before the storm.
Crunch time!
Judges happy, I'm happy!


cAsEY said...

CUT YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ngyahloon said...

Some say cut,
Some say don cut,
If i listen to everyone, it'll be a pain in my butt!

cAsEY said...

U look like ah pek edi, this u gotta trust me...... like that how to get gf, ppl first impression say, aiyer, my bf cannot be like that.......

ngyahloon said...

too bad for her then:P it's her loss not mine:)) but i know your concern la, thanks brother!

Shirley Ong said...

I book you already ah, as my wedding singer/worship leader :P