Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Mclaren loses Adrian Newey to Red Bull for 2006

Squadro Toro Rosso (Red Bull in Italian) has just scored a big coup by pullling Mclaren's chief designer, Adrian Newey to their team next season onwards. Wow!!! As Simon Cowell said, "it's the surprise of the century". Not exactly really cause Adrian had actually wanted to leave for Jaguar (Red Bull then) in year 2001. Bored with Mercedes's screwed up engines already. Who can blame the guy. I mean, imagine if you've created a formula that will win you the Nobel Prize but in the end, you didnt get it because your research sent in the report written/printed on toilet paper. Erm, very shitty example, I know but brain not working too well now:P Anyway, what does it mean for F1 next season? More drama la! Man, Can't wait for Bahrain 2006 already.

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