Monday, February 27, 2006

Malaysia's Biggest Practical Joke

or Petronas's desperation to milk even more ringgits from the poor rakyat? Hope both are not true. Couldn't resist being kiasu and succumbed to the rumours. Check out my fellow suffering countrymen here:

Massive queue at Equine Park's Petronas station. 11.30pm

Oi, suddenly got this Red kancil cut in front of me:))


Rupanya my housemate being more KL than me. Hehehe. Suffice to say, she got home earlier than me later:)


Finally settled everything by 12.20am. Great experience! (Am i sick or what???!!) Didnt dare take any more photos once I got to the front of queue. A lot of angry people around:P


shawnchin said...

so, price really got go up or not? or same like last time, bluff wan?

meglittlemeg said...

alan really crazy la... making ppl confuse. including me !

well, it really increase 30cents per litre.. making it about.... rm1.92/liter ?


et said...

i'm starting to think that perhaps we should go back to motocycle or bicycle days.......