Wednesday, November 08, 2006

MMU Pre-University 1998's Theme Song

Aaaahh...belaian jiwa (we always call it belakang kira, trying to be funny). When I was doing my Pre-University studies in MMU Malacca, this song played on the radio at least 10 times a day. Those were fun times. Studies werent as tough as the days to come. We could go bowling in Mahkota Parade in between classes though we were at Bukit Beruang. After exams, can go to Pantai Klebang, all the plays we did, all the concerts we organized and made a mess of:)) We could even go see meteor shower for the whole night and next day went for classes without sleeping. Though until today, I think I missed all the meteor that went across the sky that night:)) Not very good eyesight, I have. So thankful that the bunch of us still meet up for movies and mamak even after graduation and repeat all the stories we had again and again and again... Though some of us are now in UK, some will be going to Australia, some probably gonna get married and will be going nowhere:P, we can still look forward to fruitful friendships ahead!

p.s. I was also incidentally banned from driving my car into campus for a week then, thanks to a certain fella who is now CTO/CEO/CFO of his own startup company and he even hires a well-known car blogger as his employee:P

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