Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lewis Hamilton - The Tiger Woods of Formula 1

Everyone knows the story of Tiger Woods, the story of an African-American who can into a predominantly Caucasian majority sport and turn it around with his brilliance and consistency. Well, I think this story has arrived in the sport of Formula 1 as well. The buzz name, especially in Britain is Lewis Hamilton. So much so that 6 races, 3 months into the 2007 season, people has almost forgotten about the dominance of Michael Schumacher for the previous 13 years. Cause, Formula 1 has a new hero and refreshingly, he aint white:) With Kimi Raikkonen being so horrifically terrible at Ferrari, think I've found a new guy to support in Formula 1. Still adore Ferrari but I've finally jumped on to the Lewis bandwagon.

The fact that he made Fernando Alonso, his team-mate and another super young-talent ( youngest pole-sitter, youngest F1 race winner, youngest F1 world champion and (deep breath) youngest double world champion) so desperate in wanting to win the Canada GP that he hack-sawed his car into the grass at the first corner (apology for this extremely long sentence) and subsequently spoilt his race just shows how good Hamilton is. 6 races into his first season, 6 podiums (3-2-2-2-2-1). Dont think Schumacher was this good this young although it's all about timing as well in F1 with Hamilton joining Mclaren at a time when the car is just super good (who needs Adrian Newey after all:P). We'll see how the season goes but Lewis's the man of the moment for sure!

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