Sunday, January 22, 2006

Football Sites

Wanna start by sharing these two sites which keeps me occupied everyday (except days when United lose. In case you don't know what team I support, just look at the screenshots below). Everything you wanna know about football are in these two sites. Transfer deals, "rumoured" transfer deals, results, tables, fixtures, injuries. You name em, they got em.


Ever since I've started using the net for soccer news in 1996 (in fact at that time, it was the only reason I was using the internet. Pathetic, i know), Soccernet has always been my source of information. Run by ESPN now (used to be maintain by British fans or a British company, hence the emphasis on EPL, supposedly the most exciting league in the world), it loads very fast, has very up-to-date news and has all the information a football fan needs. I like the bit where you can customize your favourite team so that news about that particular team appears in a separate column (great for quick scans on your team's ongoings).

Created with Microsoft ASP and runs on IIS. Therefore, rendering of pages on non-IE browsers can be very screwed-up. In fact, you cant browse the pages with Apple's Safari browser at all due to the way it handles redirection.


If Soccernet doesnt fulfill you, head on to Teamtalk. Teamtalk is more news-centric, they seem to pick up more details on nitty-gritty stuff. Just like soccernet, they have dedicated pages for each team and these pages seem to have more stuff on your favourite team.

Always loads some Java applet(s), which in turn runs the Java Runtime Environment if you've installed it. This eats up loads of memory and CPU. Especially with Firefox, where you tend to open many pages in multiple tabs at once. But nice about Firefox is that disabling Java is also straight forward: Tools-> Options-> Content->Enable Java (untick this). Do this and Teamtalk loads without any problem.

I'm sure everyone has their own favourite football sites. Please share them if you will:))

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