Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Liverpool 1 Manchester United 0

Two things wrong about my title. First of all, it was played at Old Trafford. Second of all, the scoreline's the other way round. However, I sent this exact message through SMS to my housemate. What's the big deal you might ask? First of all, he's a big Liverpool fan. Second of all, he was on the way to Holland when the match was played. I could imagine his smugness when the first SMS he received was this score the moment he turned on his phone in Holland. Well, apparently this smugness was there till today (Tuesday) cause he didnt had the chance the check the Net. What a great housemate he has, isnt it.

Which brings me nicely to the enigma of the current MU team. In the 90s, they would always sweep aside all the lesser teams but fall victim to the bigger teams like Arsenal and Liverpool. However, the points they accumulate against the smaller teams would make them Champions by March or April. Well, the tables have turned, boys. Nowadays, it's the other way round. Dogged, determined and fantastic against Arsenal, Chelsea or Liverpool but dreadful against Blackburn, Middlesborough and Man City (of all bloody teams). Plus the scores of draws they accumulated.

What's lacking? Class and consistency. First half against Liverpool was atrocious and it's very obvious that the midfield just isnt working. Defending by Wes Brown and Rio Ferdinand (quite a "lazy" hero, according to that Sleazy Swedish Sven) was superb. Rooney and Ruud were trying their best. It's midfield that let MU down in the first half. I mean, it used to be Giggs, Scholes, Keane and Beckham. Come on, Richardson, Giggs, O'Shea and Fletcher??!! Doubt their names will strike any fear in any other teams. Second half performance was so much better when O'Shea was taken out and replaced by Louis Saha. Rooney's switch to the right-side of midfield didnt do much of a difference since he was everywhere most of the time.

And consistency. Great one match and grubby the other. The story of Manchester United 2005/2006. Wednesday's cup-tie against Blackburn at Old Trafford? Predictable? Not a chance, mate.

Anyway, I'm sure well Sir Alex is more aware than anyone of this midfield problem. Just hope the Glazers still have some small change to buy one or two good central midfielders despite the 500 million pounds debt they have by buying MU. MU fans, don't hold your breath unless the Glazers struck oil in Tampa Bay's stadium:P

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