Monday, July 17, 2006

Essential Stuff to Bring When You Go Study Overseas

This is based on the many experiences of those who had gone before me:))
An Apple Macbook.
According to a friend, you bring this to the library and it's bound to attract plenty of attention, especially amongst the fairer sex.

A Digital camera. As for me, I went for the one with the highest optical zoom and most reasonably priced: a Panasonic FZ-7. Pardon the mirror image as photo was taken using my Macbook's iSight camera, not bad eh quality.

Of course, you need a good rucksack to put those gadgets in. What better than a Targus iBag. Ok, Targus is the real brand, the iBag is my own invention. But Targus, if you wanna sell your bags at more expensive prices, just do like I did, put an Apple sticker on it. Anyone with an iPod and 1/2 a brain would buy it. So, anyone from Targus, if you read this, leave a comment and we'll talk business:))

Last but not least,
Memories of fantastic food...

... and of those who care about you;) shweet:P


ayu said...

come back n bring white chick later on..heh use the magic 'i-buku'

meglittlemeg said...

hehe, must be shawn / chuan told u that ur mak buku will be popular in libaries?

hee, yea bring back a cute shweet chick and it's a happy family!