Friday, July 21, 2006

UK Visa Photo Requirements

For anyone needing a UK Visa, you gotta bear in mind their requirements for a portrait photo is a bit different from the usual passport-size photos:
It has to obey the dimensions (45mm(H) x 35mm(W)), have light background (white, light grey etc) and must have a dashing-looking chap in the middle:P

Actually the photo is a bit of a lie since the lady photographer actually used Photoshop to 'smoothen' my skin and brighten the colour. FYI, I did not asked for it, she did it voluntarily:P Twice some more since the PC hanged and had to to rebooted first time she tried to print the photo:)) Very nice shop because the lady told me if the British High Comm rejects my photo, I can go back and get it corrected for free;) Kekeke!

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this is wrong