Monday, October 02, 2006

Arthur's Seat

Been in Edinburgh for 2 weeks plus. Thanks to Shawn, I've been up Arthur's Seat twice within that short period:) You can read his adventure here. Hehehe. Of course, me being me, the two times I went up, I chose to do it the hard way:P First time went up was during my 2nd day in Edinburgh. Did it while still recovering from my journey to Edinburgh. Had a good sleep after reaching the top though.

2nd time, went up alone 2nd week into Edinburgh. Did it when it was raining and pretty windy. Also took the wrong way up. Went up through the medium difficulty path. Met some kind fellow trekkers and went up together. Had some whisky and a pint of beer with them after that. Pretty cool.
Holyrod Park (the area where Arthur's Seat is located) has a very nice field where people can just sit down and relax. Gurmit Singh (Phua Chu Kang) would love this place since he mentioned in an interview before that his ultimate contentment would be just sit below a tree in a big field with his wife sleeping at his lap or something of that short.

Pretty lake at Holyrod.

The enjoyable trek up Arthur's Seat:
Trying to be artistic photographer

Even the view along the way is fantastic

Finally reached the top.

The view is worth every effort:) It's a bit foggy but still looked great!
Edinburgh Castle from Arthur's Seat

2nd time around, met Gavin, Noelia and Carol. Carol is a local Scots lady. Gavin works with British Airways in London and Noelia is from Peru.

Me and Gavin struggling to keep up with the ladies:)) Noelia's homeland Peru's landscape is like this. Carol has been climbing Arthur's Seat since ages ago.

Gavin, Carol and me

Gavin, Noelia and Carol. We had whisky and beer to warm us up after the cold wind and rain outside.

Gonna continue go up pretty often:) Nice la. Just hope the weather will allow me to do so:))

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