Sunday, October 22, 2006

Happy and Sad Day for Formula 1

It's been 10 years since I've started following Formula 1 in 1996. It's been 10 years since Michael Schumacher switched from Benetton to Ferrari after winning his 2nd Drivers' Championship. No coincidence for sure. Too young to really understand the meaning of the word controversy and sportmanship, I admired Schumacher and Ferrari tremendously and had not stopped doing so. It's so sad that he is retiring but I'm glad that he's retiring at the top of his game, especially if you've seen his final race in Brazil. Even when things were going against him, a failed fuel system in qualifying, a puncture in early part of the race, he still fought back to finish 4th. Would someone who is retiring do that? It's just so amazing!

But F1 is in good hands. Alonso's career path is so Schumacher-like, it's really scary. Also coming off his 2nd World Championship with Renault (who was Bennetton), he's moving to Mclaren (which is in backward slide, just like Ferrari in 96). But can he do the Schumacher there, to build a team around him and pulverise opponents for the next 10 years? Hard to tell but it is highly unlikely...

... cause Ferrari is still strong and I just cant wait for next season to start already. With Kimi Raikkonen (I believe this guy is in almost everyone's list of favourite drivers) joining the ever-improving Felipe Massa, the future boads well for the Scuderia. With Schumacher hopefully staying around in an advisory role, it's gonna be fantastic. And for people who dont have the chance to watch itv, here's a tidbit information which will crack you up: before the start of the race, Pele came down to the grid to gave Schummi a special trophy to commemorate his retirement. Martin Brundle, itv's f1 commentator was as usual going around interviewing people on the grid. When he approached Kimi and asked why was he not at the ceremony, Kimi actually cheekily explained to Brundle that he had to go for a shit!!!!!! (I'm not kidding!) The fella was grinning happily, being honest on international tv:)) Who say the Iceman has no sense of humour:P And we learn a bit more about what F1 drivers do before a race as well;)

Maybe, Ross Brawn, going into sabbatical is training Schumi to be a pit-stop tactician/strategist like he is. Not surprised if he does cause Schumacher can not only drive fast, he is also pretty smart, tactically and mechanically as well, I believe. So, have we seen the last of Schummi? As a racer, maybe. But we just have to wait and see. Really cant wait..I just cant wait!

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