Sunday, December 17, 2006


Wow...cant believe I've lost almost 10kg in less than 9 months. When I left Open Source Systems in March 2006, I was like 84-85kg (which sort of qualified me as overweight with a BMI (weight in kg divided by height squared) of 85/(1.82 x 1.82) = 25.7). I started going to the gym in Shell twice a week and after 5 months of consistent attendance, my weight dropped to 80-81kg (BMI 24.5.. still a bit borderline). Then I sort of got side-tracked with that singing competition and so, reduced my sessions to once a week. After coming to Edinburgh, I've mostly walked to places I need to go and guess what, my weight's now 76 kg (BMI 22.8). Hopefully, it's due to healthy living (eating mostly home-cooked food with very little oil and salt and MSG) and consistent exercise:) and the cold temperature probably:) This is so cool:)

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