Friday, July 13, 2007

Go Forth, Kimi and Start Painting all the Circuits Red!

May and June has been a tough time for Ferrari and Kimi Raikkonen fans. The sight of seeing Mclaren achieving 1-2 finishes in Monaco and then in a traditionally Ferrari-dominant circuit, Indianapolis, has been quite demoralising. Then came Magny-Cours, France and then Silverstone, UK. Yes! The Iceman is back in business. The last race at Silverstone has been mesmerizing to say the least. Everytime they show the on-board camera on Kimi's car, wow, it's so amazing to see how much he's pushing every single lap. Though there wasnt any on-track overtaking, but the fact that each milisecond counted in each lap just puts so much excitement into the race!

It's on to Nurburgring on 22nd July. Fingers' crossed, the winning streak will continue! But whatever it is, the excitement is back for me and every race, every lap, every point is gonna be thrilling to the end of the season in October!

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