Saturday, July 14, 2007

Problem with Microsoft Office

Goodness gracious me! Was having problem with Microsoft Office for Mac suddenly few days ago. It baffled me for a long while. Cause things just stopped working after restarting my machine. At first I thought there was a problem with Microsoft's preference files. So I deleted all my Microsoft related preference stuff in ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft. Didnt work. Then I suddenly realised a lot of Rosetta-based apps (apps that are PPC-compiled) stopped working. So started looking on Google for Rosetta problems..... Finally!

Found the problem on MacFixIt:) Apparently updating to the latest Quicktime 7.2 with Java 1.6 installed beforehand creates a big problem as it breaks all Rosetta-apps. The fix is here:) Of course if u know a bit of sed will be useful cause it involves modifying all the ./ at the beginning of each line to / and changing all the " " (spaces) to "\ " in order to delete all the Java 1.6 files. I just used the replace function in vi to do it:)

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