Saturday, September 22, 2007

Frankfurt International Motorshow 2007

Couldn't miss this bi-annual event especially with so many nice cars launched. It was at the Frankfurt Fair/Exhibition grounds. There were about 10 halls full of cars. Spent 7 hours there (11am to 6pm). Walked until cannot walk. Spent almost an hour on each of the main halls (BMW, Ford group, VW group, Italian group (with Hyundai inside for some reason), Merc as well).

Spot the BMW CS Concept, BMW X6 Concept, BMW M3, Aston Martin DBS, Audi R8, Audi S5, Ferrari F430 Scuderia and many many more:) Ran out of battery when I reached the last hall, which was incidentally the Mercedes hall. Don't really matter for me:P But one thing has to be mentioned. The Mercedes hall was pretty impressive in terms of style and hospitality. They served sparkling water and biscuits for free. Also gave hot towels for you to freshen up and a place for people to sit down and rest.

Still prefer the BMW one though, it's more of a car buff's place. Loads of BMW's to sit around and day-dream. Sat in all the different models, played with i-Drive, adjusting the seating position. Found out that for a 6-speed manual, the reverse gear is extreme right, next to first gear. Have to shove it hard-right and up to get into reverse. Preparing myself when I get one, I guess:)

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