Monday, October 24, 2005

Confidence boost for Malaysian aerospace industry

Just went for a meeting with a company today. This company is supposedly an important player in our Malaysian aerospace industry (name shall not be revealed), which might need our supercomputing solutions. Me and my bosses arrived at the office in Mont Kiara at about 12pm and were greeted by this sight:

Company name obfuscated but check out the lock on the door
! Got "No Salesman" sign lagi. Who wanna sell anything with that lock around?

Close up:

Wow, monday 12pm and office fully locked. No need to do business ah? Turns out the director we're meeting forgot all about our appointment. With this type of professionalism in our aerospace industry, I think those who are currently in the race to be the first Malaysian to go to outer space shouldnt be worried about winning the competition, he/she should be worried what happens if he/she wins!

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