Friday, October 14, 2005

Isn't it a Wie bit too early

Couldnt help but join the bandwagon of comments on the hottest thing in golf after Tiger Woods (he's still the man to beat in PGA, of course, relently pursuing the Golden Bear's 18 majors victory but this is another story by itself, actually). Yes, I am talking about Miss Michelle Wie. First round of professional competition saw her shot a two-under 70 score. Not bad but not spectacular, considering that Annika Sorenstam shot an eight-under 64. But can Annika tahan for long a 6-foot-1 16-year-old Korean chick who looks as good as she drives. Only time can tell. But as things stay, the crowd are chanting "Wie want more!" and "We want Wie!". Me too, I've joined the bandwagon already. Along with Nike's boss and a few Sony executives. For more Michelle Wie juicy bits, click here and here.

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