Thursday, October 13, 2005

First Post

Hello world! Once again, I'm trying to start a blog. Hope this one wont be like the other efforts. Why now, you might ask. Well, most people mark a special milestone in their lives by doing something out of the ordinary. Well, some major events have just happened to my life. Biggest impactful one is that the love of my life will be away from me for at least 6 months. She's just on flight MH0131 for Auckland on 13th October 2005 8.50pm. Arriving in Auckland at 12.50pm local time. She's there on a working holiday visa for 6 months. Going for job interview on Monday at Roche (All the best and God bless to her!).

After three years of being together, going through thick and thin, this is the first time we're not gonna see each other for more than a week. Imagine that 3 years (52x3=156 weeks) we've been together and now I can only see her on the computer screen and/or hear her voice only. Kinda scary. But I believe God created this whole thing for a purpose and I believe that He will help us honor this relationship and make us stronger as a result.

Well, the good thing (still debating with myself if it's good or not) is I got a lot of time on my hand now. So, why not start a blog. The thing is with responsibilities in my work increasing quite drastically, I got a feeling I wont have the chance to catch up with lots of friends. So might as well make this like an infohub of where and when Alan is doing what.

So what's the basic theme of this blog, if you're still interested at this point. Well nothing specific. Probably will complain about my colleagues a bit, ejek some customers a bit, air my humble opinion on politics, movies and the stuff I do in church. We'll see la. So here goes...first post is up... now!

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