Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cool British Judge [update:code broken]

Judge Peter Smith gave Da Vinci Code's author, Dan Brown a taste of his own medicine. Apparently in his ruling, Judge Smith italicized some words and when Brown's lawyer joined them together, they form "smithcodeJaeiextostpsacgreamqwfkadpmqz". The words "Smith Code" were all from the first paragraph. How's that for a judge! Full news from Yahoo!. By the way, I've put in my own hidden (obvious) code above, in case you didnt notice:P

[update] the code has been broken. Apparent those jumbled-up words stand for "Jackie Fisher who are you Dreadnought.", a tribute to the British Admiral who modernized England's navy. More info at Yahoo!. I'm sure my own one was solved even quicker. Here's the ironic thing though, just like in real life, a lot of people would be able to decipher the code i put in but how many people really understand the meaning and implications of it:)


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