Saturday, April 22, 2006

Narrow Escape

Just wanna warn all those who are/will be heading down south from KL. The stretch between Seremban and Alor Gajah is undergoing massive construction to build 2 more lanes (1 on each side). I just went down this friday (21/4/2006) to meet my parents. Some stretches are being tarred again but PLUS isnt doing a good job. The new tar is darker, there's no light and the white lines werent drawn yet. So when you're driving at night (as I did), be extra cautious are there are also more trailers, buses, lorries at night too. I made the mistake of overtaking a trailer during one of these stretches (I know, cari pasal). While overtaking, my car actually veered right dramatically forcing me to correct my steering quickly or else the whole car would have been pulled to the right. I think this is because the roads are not tarred totally, leaving small ridges at both sides of the rode. I think while overtaking, my car's right front tire bit into the side ridge (probably because i stayed too far right too) causing the very dramatic reaction. When it happened, I thought to myself: "Not bad ah, my reflexes and car control isnt too shabby". It was only after I passed the trailer then I realised what could have happened if I over-corrected or something. Could have sent my car underneath the trailer. So, be careful, y'all!

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