Saturday, April 29, 2006

Rolly-Polly Bas Kilang

On the way back from lunch last saturday (29/4/2006), me and my housemate, Leng Chye saw this weird Bas Kilang (Factory Bus, bus that ferries factory workers to and fro home/workplace in Malaysia, distinct by their ugly blue colour. My buddy Shawn, actually once owned a Datsun that had the exact same colour and we used to fondly call it Bas Kilang too but that's another story all together). Anyway, we were on the LDP heading towards Cyberjaya nearing the tollhouse. What made this specific bus so weird was that when we first saw it, the back of it was leaning dangerously towards the left. So we thought suspension failure or tyre burst but then, before our very own eyes, the thing started slowly to shfit and lean towards the right as it went along. Then it shift left again... WOW!!! Like that also can!! We overtook the fella at the tollhouse. Then i told my housemate who was driving to stop after the toll and let the bus overtake us again. I would try to take videos of the rolling on my Nokia 6600. Below are the results. Unfortunately, it wasnt that clear (lousy camera phone + lousy cameraman combo). Enjoy the commentating by my housemate though. (if you don understand Hokkien, sorry la. You missed out on the best dialect in the world:P) I was too busy making sure my hand wasnt shaking:)) We were having such a great laugh that we actually missed the turning back home and had to U-turn but it was worth it!!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5


Casey Liew said...

Wah!!!! 2 Monkeys in the car thats has nothing to do!!


shawnchin said...


(bugger, until now still laughing at my Datsun :p )