Sunday, June 25, 2006

First Post from a Mac

The macbook has been good so far (2 days and counting:P). Sharp screen, nice keyboard touch. The magnetic power adapter isn't as flimsy as reported. The click sound it makes when it's attached to the macbook sounds satisfying. The magnetic (why is Apple suddenly so obsessed with everything magnetic? Must be Job's North Pole suddenly sending out gravitational signals) lid closure seems ok as well so far. Of course, I must mention again. The iSight camera and Photobooth software is pretty entertaining. Don believe me? Check out the fun i've been having with taking self-portraits:))

First try at Redbox sunway. Kaku a bit

With better lighting in Starbucks, I'm happy:P

Then I got home and went berserk with the effects:))

I'm a mean bull-boar

Just another typical music album cover:)

Do I have the X-factor or Do I have the X-factor?

Did some space-traveling as well

and landed in planet Tree-face

Went back to planet Earth and tried to pick a fight with myself

Realised suddenly I wasnt wearing a shirt. So I quickly slipped back in decency:P
And I managed to look pretty decent for a while, in a dreamy-way

But I spoke too soon. My dream had become a color nightmare!

As my vision became blurred...

Then bang! I was suddenly turned into a llama:))

The end!

1 comment:

meglittlemeg said...

that was soooo cool!!! hehehee i like the llama, the square face!!! ahahah

if i do that effects, maybe i will look like jessica alba ...hmmm.. interesting