Sunday, June 04, 2006

KL International Motorshow 2006 (KLIMS06)

Went to KLIMS06 on Tuesday with Farul, my ex-manager and soon to be colleague again at Shell. Had to wake up at 6.00am to start work at 7.00am and skipped lunch to finish work at 3.00pm for the show. Borrowed an Olympus 10x from a church member to take some photos. The rechargeable batteries finished their by the 10th picture. Had to pay exorbitant price for batteries at the counter. Lost the camera bag and had to buy a replacement one. So the experience? Worth it! Would do the same thing again if given another chance! Especially since I also received my scholarship results that same night! But enough about me. The photos:

First, concept cars:

Honda's FCX Concept Car... 4-door Lambo-wannabe?

Volvo's 3CC - 3-seater Coupe with very cool wing doors

Nissan's Sports Car Concept - Nothing special really

Our very own Proton/Lotus APX - it'll probably the only car that Proton wont sell locally:P

Cars you dont see on the road everyday or most likely none at all:P

I'm a very ugly Frog 430 but I can go from 0-100km/h in 4.0sec

I drove this before ...err in a game. Love the speed and handling. It's a bit scary even in a game:P

Lamborghini Gallardo - My 2nd car ... err in the same game. Fantastic handling! Love it!

I've confirmed scientifically that a 6-footer will not be able to sit properly at the back of a Mercedes CLS. At least not without bumping his/her head at every pothole. No worries. Most Malaysians are 4-feet tall anyway:P

Black Mclaren SLR - sleek and silky. Sigh!

Bentley Continental GT - The cabriolet version has already been sold out for a year even before entering production. There are that many rich people who can afford a RM2million car in this world. Double sigh!

Something a bit more realistic - The Ford Focus ST, £17k and comes with a turbo-charged 2.5L engine. Very desirable except for the name (ST could possibly stand for Sanitary Towel:P)

Pagani Zonda - If you buy one of these, you'll get a personal delivery from Mr Zonda himself, who had dedicately handcrafted this car for you;)

Ferrari F60, or more normally known as the Enz0. It's a legalized F1 road car actually:P

Speaking of F1, if you buy one of these ...

... it comes with its own personal bridgestone "tyres":))

Since we're on the topic of "tires", check out the usual car babes. Not really my focus that day, just took a few for my Shell friends:P
Volvo babes

Toyota babe

Nissan's sales lady - I kid you not:P

Last but not least, check out the Volvo C70's amazing roof that goes down/comes up in 25secs.

Not much space for a golf bag if you "let your roof down". The FCUK model was purely unintentional:P

Almost forgot, more photos at Flickr.


Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

I loved the Ford 4Trac, Toyota Sportivo and the Honda Sports 4. Though it's the best motorshow KL has hosted so far, I found the hype surrounding it to be grossly exaggerated - with gimpy cars...hopefully we get to see more concept cars next year...

ngyahloon said...

Seeing how small the Malaysian motor industry is compared to Europe, America and Japan, guess this is the best we can get. The exotic cars saved the day though I wish I could get more up close and personal with them;)