Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dear Rascals (Letter from Max Mosley to the Rebel-5)

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Letter from Mosley to the GPMA


Thank you for your letter of 21 March, which was sent to us at 22.11 last night.

The World Motor Sport Council took account of the contents of your letter, but noted that it contained no proposal which could be substituted for any of those in front of the Council, sent to you on 1 March and the again, with minor modifications, on 15 March.

The World Motor Sport Council has also noted that none of you attended the meetings which were held early in 2005 to discuss the 2008 regulations, despite repeated invitations to do so, and that the proposals which you promised to deliver to us in June 2005 are still not to hand.

In the circumstances, the Council decided to adopt the proposed Sporting Regulations in their entirety and extend an invitation to all interested teams to enter the 2008 Championship and participate in discussions on any element which they believe could be improved.

The Council notes that although the 2008 Sporting Regulations are now fixed, any element could be changed on proposal of a simple majority of the entered teams sitting in the Sporting Working Group and that the Formula 1 Commission or the World Motor Sport Council would only reject such proposal in the overall interest of the Formula One World Championship or of motor sport in general.

Yours sincerely

Max Mosley.

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