Thursday, March 23, 2006

What a bunch of Children

This spate of letters from GPMA to FIA and vice versa is quite laughable actually. Consider this: Formula One is a billion-dollar business, the players are all billion-dollar earners, there are billions of viewers every race. And yet, those involved cant see eye-to-eye. The stakes are high, gentlemen. The motor industry has never been in better shape, save in America (land of no-corners) of course. As the world becomes more affluent, the desire to earn a top-class automobile is simply irresistible, be it in China, India, Europe and America (they have finally learned the need for corners, apparently). All this politicking isnt really necessary and leaves an absolute bad taste in the exhaust. So, will the real Slim Shady, please stand up or as Mariah Carey sings, Shake it off, bozos. And let the real men take centre stage.

BMW is the bald spot, Honda is the eyes, Mercedes is the nose, Toyota is probably the mouth and Renault is its penis

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