Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Most Bizarre in Today's Radio

Just heard the weirdest thing on this morning. Apparently the breakfast show team was having some one-hit-wonder countdown and listeners who suggest one-hit-wonder songs get a bouquet of flowers whom he/she can dedicate to. Well the DJs decided to go one up and call this suggester's wife to prepare her when this guy dedicates the flowers to. I had a weird feeling something bad was gonna happen but realising this was Malaysian radio, things should be under control la. Well the conversation on radio went something like this:

DJ: Hello, Simon! Congrats for suggesting the Ketchup song
Simon: Thanks!
DJ: Well you get a surprise gifr from us for participating in this program
Simon: Oh do I get the Ketchup girls (my internal siren started when this guy said this kinda stuff)
DJ: You are one kinky fella ah
Simon: Yeah man!
DJ: You are getting a bouquet of flowers whom you can dedicate to your loved one.
Simon: Ok! Every flower in this bouquet represents a part of my love. To Michelle, my love..
Wife: Michelle!!!!!!!!!?????????
Simon: Cindy!!!!?????????????
Wife: I cant believe this %#$@&!
Simon: $#$%#%
DJs: Guys, lets take this offline...

Commercial takes over. Well, I thought it was some early April's Fool Joke. Apparently it wasnt. So, warning to all you Simons out there. Be careful the next time you dedicate something on air.

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Aaron said...

im pretty sure this is fake la. I got an mp3 of the same sort of thing happening on some american radio last time. I'm pretty sure some of the mix fm fellas heard it too and decided to do something similar.