Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Nice F1 On-Site Photos

My friend, Casey Liew took some really nice photos during this year's F1 at Sepang (ITV commentators like to pronounce it as seeee---peng when it should be ser-parng. 7 years and they still get it wrong! not very bright arent they?). Here's one of photo I leeched from his site. Very nice photo of Montoya, Mr red-hot Colombian. Not so hot since he joined Mclaren. When he was at Williams, we werent sure whether it was him or the car that was less talented. Now that he's at Mclaren, for sure, it's him and not the car. What about Kimi Raikonen? He of the not so blessed fortunes, once again wrecked his rear suspensions and rear wings. This time, it wasnt his fault. Klien of Red Bull was the perpetrator. I think Klien might have taken his team name a bit too seriously.

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