Monday, September 18, 2006

Churchill House @ Richmond Place

This will be my home for the next 1 year. The names alone bring such a sense of Englishness already:)) Richmond Place is a very quiet residential street with my hostel being a section, the rest are flats and houses.
Dont misunderstand, this isnt Churchill House (I wish) but one of flats opposite Churchill House. Nice brick design and all, very English. If you noticed that in the first picture, you can see some hills. They're missing in 2nd pic due to foggy weather.

Pass through an arch and you come into Churchill House:
The entrance is in the 2nd pic. Rather dull looking I know but it's very comfortable as you will see.

The ground lobby has a foosball table, some sofas, our individual mailboxes and some vending machines selling sweets, chocolates and soft drinks.

Take a lift up to 6th floor and you'll pass by some corridors to get to my room. Very hotelish. Well, the word hostel is like the word hotel but with an "s" in the middle:P
Left corridor of my room

Right corridor of my room. Ya I know, exactly the same

This was my room's original arrangement. After seeing some corridor-mates redecorating their room, I decided to have a go myself. Gave myself a lot more room to practice putting during winter as you can see:

Each room's gets its own en-suite bathroom

The kitchen is shared with about 10 people sharing one. Quite nice. Has sofa, TV, dining table and the usual cooking-ware.

My kitchen apparently has the best window view:)

My microwave meal: 8-minute microwave instant lamb chop with peas, carrots and potatoes. It's £2 only:)


smi4ever said...

Thank you SO much for putting up these pictures. They are so helpful for future international residents.
Thanks again.

jordan buckley said...

Yes, thank you! These are very helpful.

Prajwal said...

That was great...thank you so much for putting these pics.