Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Corruption in EPL

Just saw a very shocking program called Panaroma on BBC. They just did an undercover job to reveal the depth of corruptions amongst the player agents and club managers. Many names (very big ones I imagine) were withheld due to lack of evidence. However, 3 stories were shown as they had video and audio recordings:

1. Bolton's manager Sam Allardyce had taken money directly or via his son, Craig (an agent for players as well) from agents during player tranfers to and from Bolton

2. Liverpool and Chelsea's Youth Academy blatantly tried to tap Middlesbrough's young player Nathan Porrit when he was offered like farmyard sale by his agent, Peter Harrison. If you dont know what tapping means, just search these terms in google: Ashley Cole Chelsea tapping:P

3. Harry Redknapp, manager of Portsmouth tried to tap Blackburn's Andy Todd when he was offered by the same agent again, Peter Harrison. Harry's assistant Kevin Bond also called the undercover journalist to express their (Harry and Kevin) interest in getting their "palms greased" when there's a transfer deal in the future.

Shocking indeed but not surprising since so much money is being passed around in EPL. What a sad day for football

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