Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ladyman, You The Man!

I'm sure all motoring fans know about Richard Hammond (Hamster)'s horrific crash while attempting to set the land speed record. Naturally, all the Greenpeace and anti-Top Gear wimps have come out bashing the show, saying it's dangerous and environmentally unfriendly. Apparently, Stephen Ladyman, UK's Road Safety Minister has come out defending the series, expressing his regret at the actions of these idiots. Now, that's a cool Transport Minister. Of course, he appeared on Top Gear before and drove the Suzuki Liana in the Star In a Reasonably Priced Car segment. He also drives a red Alfa Romeo:))

On a separate note, I've actually sent the following get-well-soon message to Richard but Top Gear didnt dare to publish it:P


Please get well soon as Top Gear wouldnt be Top Gear without you. It'll just be 2 old farts trying to act young talking about cars too fast for them. Seriously, you've done a great job and hope you'll be up and running soon."

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