Monday, January 29, 2007

XML, XML and more XML

Just to share my workload this semester. Quite crazy and yet somehow, I don't really mind and kinda enjoy the challenge. In fact, I looked so relaxed that church friends seemed to think I have no work and am pretty free, which isnt really good:))

Taking 3 subjects this semester, Multi Agent Semantic Web (MASW), Querying and Storing XML (QSX), and Topics in Distributed Databases (TDD). The fun part is that all three subjects is quite tightly coupled. The common unifying factor? XML, XML, XML. In fact the QSX and TDD are taught by the same Professor, who is also incidentally my supervisor for my dissertation. So guess what's project is about:P Maintaining XML views:P

QSX and TDD are non-exam subjects. Easy, you say? Not really. For these two topics, I need to read 5 research papers each week and write a review for each of them. It's good training really. Used to find it tough to maintain concentration in reading these papers, which sometimes (most of the time) can be quite dry. I've also developed some techniques in reading them:P Will start to catch the main points while reading the first time. Then using these points, I'll write the review, referring back to the document only when needed.

The annoying thing about all these is that I seemed to have developed a huge appetite when I'm working. Mouth always itching for something to eat quite often. Just finished eating 1/2 a butter scone bought from tesco, spread with Nutella chocolate jam. 2 hours after dinner!! Must go gym consistently still:))

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