Saturday, May 20, 2006

Are You Not Impressed with American Idol?

While waiting for the new season of Top Gear, I was absolutely bored with "Internet TV":P. And so for the first time, I started watching American Idol. Pretty surprising that it took me five years to discover what others have been raving about but I guess, it's all ok in my own bubble world:))
Kellie-mania is still in vogue!

Gotta admit the main reason I got hooked was because of country girl Kellie Pickler, who illicits as much love and adoration as disgust and contempt amongst AI fans. She's a really sweet girl who just loves music and have had quite a tough time growing up. But she is for sure, the most likeable contestant in Season 5 (Don't believe me, try Google's very cool Google Trends, which tells you what is more trendy when you compare two search terms. See Kellie vs Katherine). She has a wonderful voice but lacks the polished training/talent that some of the others had but she did makee it to the top 6 and that's as high as she has thoroughly deserved. Whether she is really that innocent or as Simon calls her, "naughty little minx". Or she's just putting up an act, dishing out country pronunciation of calamari and what not, she's still the most interesting:) But who am I to judge, I'm biased anyway:)
Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol!
Alan: White is cool! White is cool!

So, the final is next week and it's between Soul Patrol man, Taylor Hicks and Katherine McPheever. I gotta say, I simply admire Taylor Hicks. He has proved two important things in my opinion,
1. That in Hollywood, people do love you because of your talent and personality. And as America has voted, they like what they see in Taylor. Amazing voice and the tendency to dance it out has given a breast of fresh ass, a breath of fresh air to entertainment.
2. Most of important of all, Taylor shows that white hair can be cool!!!! And that won him my vote already:))
The only time Katherine looks more human than giant:P

Now, Katherine McPhee has an amzing voice as well but I think she has a personality problem. I thin if anyone bothers to watch back the Hollywood audition episodes, she was kinda bitchy then. When the top 24 started, she suddenly turned into sweet girl-next-door. Now, that's what I call a FAKE American Idol but no disrespect, she is as talented as Taylor.

And so, on to the finals on May 23. I cant wait for it to come. May the best performer of the night win!

For once, the white guy with the white hair gets the girl!!:))

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