Saturday, May 20, 2006

How to pack a bomb's raw materials in a box:P

Because a mutual friend was coming back to Malaysia for a holiday, I helped my fellow geeks in UK to get quite a bit of USB gadgets. These stuff are pretty expensive in UK. The breakdown include:
  • USB Mug Warmer/Hub (as you can see in the link, it's £12.95. I got it for 1/2 the price at Unicgift, found through Google:)) - 2 units (I bought one myself to keep my daily dose of Milo warm)
  • USB 2.0 Hub - 2 units
  • USB Light - 2 units
  • USB-to-Serial converter - 1 unit
  • RJ45 Cross Converter - 1 unit
  • RJ45 Cross Cable - 1 unit
Don ask geeks why they need all these, they just do:))

All, in all when you put them all together, they look like raw materials to make a bomb.
USB Hub (top) and Mug-Warmer/Hub (below)
Clockwise from left: USB Light, Cross Converter, USB-to-Serial Converter, USB Hubs and RJ45 Cross Cable

After packing in a DVD burner box, they do look quite dangerous. Hope my friend will have a safe trip through the British Customs:))

Sealed, To Be Signed and To Be Delivered:)


shawnchin said...

Thanks man!

Like chuan put it, using ANLYS is always reliable. This time, had to tunnel thru SLTP, so latency a little high ;)

Form the pics, can see that ANLYS supports packet marshalling and compression as well. Heheh..

Hope the packets don't get blocked at the gateway. They sometimes employ Packet Inspection there.

ANLYS: Alan Ng Low Yat Service
SLTP: Sin Leng Transport Protocol

ngyahloon said...

wah, ini ANALogy banyak bagus!