Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Day When Soul Won over Pheever

Yes!!! The Soul Patrolman has triumphed over McPheever (more like McFaker actually). For the first time in American Idol's 5-year history, a white guy is allowed to win (beating the conspiracy theory that when you put a white guy in a final vs any minority (female, Hispanic), the white guy gotta lose due to political correctness:P). Of course, this aint no normal white guy. He was the underdog when American Idol 5 began with Simon Cowell blatantly saying that Taylor Hicks will never make it to the final audition. Well, he won over the crowd using his own style of singing and the fantastic tendency to dance it out. And what daya known. Simon Cowell was the one who finally affirmed Taylor as the American Idol before even the votes started coming in. Now, that's show business! There is without a doubt that there's market for soul music as seen by the votes garnered by Hicks Once again, kudos to Grey-Hair!

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Shirley Ong said...

Yeah!!! Soul Patrol!!!