Sunday, May 07, 2006

MI-3: Cruise in Q-ontrol

Just saw MI3 at GSC's latest cineplex in 1Utama. Before about the movie, wanna mention that I bought the tickets through GSC's online ticket purchasing system. Really hassle-free. I went to, logged in, select the movie details (cineplex(only for 1Utama for now), date, time), no of seats, seat locations (got map of cineplex to select), key in credit card details and got a confirmation number. I went to 1Utama, went to third floor, went to the ticket kiosk, slot in my credit card, keyed in my IC number as a verification and the machine printed out my tickets. The whole process did not involve queueing or talking to the sometimes moody ticketing people. This being done on a weekend for a movie that just been launched 3 days ago and at a packed cinema. Isn't online systems wonderful!

Now more about the movie, as my buddies and I concurred, this sequel was much better than the previous John-Woo effort. MI2 was too stylish and lacks real bite. This one was more balanced. It showed more team-work (which is what Mission Impossible really is about rather than Ethan Hunt:American James Bond), more emotions (this is more for the ladies as it seems that all new action movies must have a tearful moment for the indefeatable hero) and some amazing details (we can see how the face/voice masquerading is being done. Though fictional, it's still dam impressive)

Tom Cruise still got the mojo for sure. His on-screen presence is still amazing but ahem, for me, my favourite character has to be Maggie Q, who plays one of the IMF members. As usual, the Asian character gets 1000% on-screen charisma but less than 10 lines throughout the whole show. But trust me, when you see Maggie Q appeared on-camera in a stunning Lamborghini Gallardo and when she slides out of the car, all lines are not necessary. Must watch show!

Don worry, ladies. Hunt is bruised but still kicking

Dont know to focus on Maggie Q or Gallardo

"We Asians dont need lines"


Anonymous said...

ooo lala, took me some time to realise she is speaking cantonese when she accidentally pour wine on the bad guy.

But, she looks 'mature' compare to her age.

ngyahloon said...

Mature or innnocent, she got the charisma, man!