Sunday, May 14, 2006

Classic Formula1 season ahead

Ferrari vs Renault
Red vs Blue
Bridgestone vs Michelin
Best of all, Former World Champion vs Current World Champion

There is just so much similarity between Schumacher and Alonso, it's almost scary. They have both won their driver's championship by age 25 with the same team (Renault/Bennetton) under the same manager (Flavio Briatore). Both are superfast, not just fast but meticulously and intelligently fast. They're always thinking of their championship strategy and then race strategy. The Spanish GP really set them apart from their team mates who are just plain ordinary F1 drivers. Alonso of course deserves all respect from all fans from the manner he has taken over the mantle from Schumacher. Would be nice to have them both in the same car but that is totally impossible with Alonso going to Mclaren and Schummi possibly staying in Ferrari.

But Alonso is quite a character with his victory celebration antics. Last year he had a habit of counting his number of victories thus far with his fingers while in the car. This year, he has decided to go animal. In Bahrain, he imitated the grinch as seen below. The animal rights people claimed he was imitating a bullfighter. In Australia, he imitated a kangaroo, putting his fingers to his head and wiggling them while bowing (cant get a photo of that, pity). In Spain where he had just become the first Spaniard to win his home GP, he imitated a bear/ape walking. Hahahaha. He's a great guy. Better than Schumacher knocking people out of races (think Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve) when he was young himself.

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