Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Weekend Where Schumacher Lost and Regained His Reputation

The Michael Schumacher of mid-90s reared his ugly head on Saturday's Monaco GP qualifying session again. Sensing that Alonso maybe quicker than him in the final qualifying lap, he decided to let his car do its own thinking abit and let it went out of control. He controlled it just enough so that he could park his car near a corner and spoilt Alonso's lap. Probably partly accidental and partly intentional. The Stewards though were not as stupid they used to be as Schumacher realised. They were able to analyze his car data, videos and concluded that he did indeed do it on purpose and took away Schumacher's pole position and demoted him to the back of the grid, letting Alonso win the GP quite easily on Sunday.

Having been called a cheat and having the Schumo-Schumi (crafty one) tag back on his name from the German dailies, he could have easily decided not to turn up for the race on Sunday. The racer in him didnt allow him to do it though. And Schumacher showed once again why is he such a special one. He provided the most entertainment in the closing laps, unlaping himself from race leader Alonso, set the fastest lap and did some cool overtaking moves. Which kinda makes you wonder why he need to do his "accident" on Saturday. Guess old habits die hard but something dies even harder, that is the racing spirit in him! The talent and willpower is just so amazing for someone who has been doing it for 17 years, having won everything that is to win in Formula 1, claiming all possible records. And for that, I respect him so so tremendously.


Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

Had the race go on a little bit longer, I'm sure Schuey would've snatched a podium finish. No one could've done what he did, and no one will ever will!

ngyahloon said...

Definitely, on another track and he could have gotten podium for sure. In hindsight, I suspect that he did not purposely lose control of his car in qualifying but once he realised what was going on, the slyness in him decided to make the best out of it by parking his car at a awkward position at the next corner. And for that, the stewards were right in penalizing him