Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cell Group's Farewell For me

As the day of departure gets nearer, farewells will become more common. Hmmm... indeed to say goodbye is always hard. My church cell members from Kajang gave me a farewell on Sunday with satay, steamboat, siew yok, durian and red wine (I know red wine + durian is a bit suicidal but so far stomache can still tahan:P Don know about next morning though but the D24 is worth it. hehehe). Thanks Moi Moi (Cell Leader), Wai Ming (Asst Cell Leader), Sarina (Wai Ming's wife), Kennedy, Judy (Kennedy's wife), Francis, Ann (Francis's wife) and Julie (housemate) for your many sharings and great times especially during makan time:) Not forgetting our zone pastor, Pastor Allan Leong who has also taught me so much during difficult moments in life. He's a great guy!
View from Francis/Ann's house

Very comfortable-looking living room

Steamboat, satay and siew yok lovingly prepared by Ann, Judy and Moi Moi. That's the best part of attending a cell with lots of families in!!!!!

Boiling boiling boiling!
While makan also need to pose a bit;)

Group photos. As you can see, all married couples with children. This is where I've learned to love kids so much playing with them.

Before the party ended, everyone gathered to pray and to ask for God's blessings for me. Wow. Very touched!

Lord, may you continue to bless this cell group and let it grow. Cover them in Your protection all the time. Amen!

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