Sunday, August 27, 2006

Super Saturday!

Hmmm...weekends arent the way they used to be recently:P. Slept at 1am on Friday after cell group and had to wake up at 7am cause going for karting at Elite's track:) Brought my housemate this time. This time around, we were able to race the short track as well as the long track. The long track layout at Elite is quite good, as exciting and fun as Sepang. Wow, quite a
number of fast corners which just take your breath away:) Dam, if only can go for just one more time:( This is one sport which I desperately wanna learn and master:)

That's me (dark blue shirt and light blue jeans)

With housemate, Leng Chye

Fellow mat Remp-its:P

Went home after lunch at USJ. Slept for 2 hours, then went out to meet MMU mates for dinner. Hahaha. I actually lost my way on the way to my friend's place in SS3, PJ cause havent been there for more than 2 years. Tried to be smart and took a shortcut. Mana tau, end up in SS1 instead and couldnt get myself out of it. Went round and round and round but always end up at the same junction. Finally got myself on the LDP again, had to make an illegal U-turn to get back on track:P I tell you, feeling lost in PJ isnt a nice thing and to be honest, I've not felt that lost for a while:P Over-confidence I guess:)) Thinking I've got all the roads in Klang Valley covered. Well, humble-pie eaten, time for some real chow.

Had some great butter cheese crabs at Wong Poh Restaurant at Bukit Mayang Mas (near Dataran Prima). Very grateful, to Miss Senior Consultant Debbie Wong for such a well-researched recommendation. She took the effort to ask her colleagues for good seafood places around PJ and it was choice well-made:) RM120 for 4 crabs, 1 meat, 1 vegetables and 1 tofu, 4 persons' meal. That's pretty reasonable for a PJ seafood restaurant.

Yummy butter cheese crab! The sauce was absolutely spot-on. Even better when taken with the fried buns served.

After dinner, it was on to The Curve at Mutiara Damansara. Took a while to decide where to lepak. Finally decided on a classy Indian restaurant called Colonial Times, it's somewhere on the first floor of the Street section (should be at the Asian Courtyard). The prices are very reasonable for drinks (between RM8 to RM14 for non-alcoholic drinks, cheaper than some of those Halo cafes out there). Ambience was classy and great, really worth every single cent you've paid. There's a live band that plays latin music and when they're resting, they'll lower a bigscreen and show football matches if any. Didnt order any food obviously, so cant commend on the food. Would love to go back again to that place for some relaxing music and maybe try the food this time around.
Nice facade!

Could see that these musicians really enjoy their work with the big smiles they have on their faces!

Standing: Vik Tor and Debbie. Sitting: Me and Joe. Too bad Aaron, Bala, Siong, Rajiv and Kumaran couldnt make it this time.

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